Goat Cheese? Yes, please.

One of my favorite days for dinner is the first day after a trip to Whole Foods when Kim is working (dangerous, dangerous place – I could drop $2K there without breaking a sweat). Nobody will ever mistake me for a cook, but I do know how to put together a tasty plate of food. The key, of course, is buy good stuff and don’t do anything stupid to screw it up. To wit, here’s tonight’s plate:

Clockwise starting on the left, that’s some crusty french bread, fresh mango slices, tahini hummus, carrots, Kerrygold cheddar, and Cypress Midnight Moon goat, aka, what awesome tastes like. Topped of with a Moosbacher Wheat. Simple, all of it fantastic, but I cannot emphasize to you how good the goat cheese was. Unlike your classic soft goat cheese, it’s firm, a bit like Gouda in consistency and texture, but unbelievably buttery, nutty, and rich. I highly recommend the wheat beer pairing, but you couldn’t go wrong with a Gewurtztraminer or a stout, as the maker suggests.


Anyway, well worth a trip to Whole Foods or your local cheese shop to seek it out.

Foodie note #2, just made reservations for Saturday night at Ravenous Pig (happy birthday to me!). Doubly exciting because they are bringing out their new menu on Tuesday. Can’t wait to see what they come up with. Plan on biking 200 to 300 extra miles this week to make room since they always have at least a couple of menu items that rate death-row-last-meal level good.



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