Vinyl roundup

A quick rundown of some vinyl I’ve picked up recently. Nothing brand new caught my eye over the past few weeks, so all of these are at least a few months old. (Sweet fancy Moses! Party Down Season 1 is back on Netflix streaming. NICE. Back to this post) In no particular order:

The Replacements – Pleased To Meet Me

I’ve had this record in my hand on a couple of dozen time over the past year, but always put it aside in favor of something else. This is odd since this is one of my favorite records ever, but since I had it in digital format it was easy to shunt aside.  A seminal band’s best and most consistent album.

Key Tracks: Alex Chilton, Sky Way, Can’t Hardly Wait

Who Should Buy This: Every man, woman, and child on the planet.

The National – Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

Have been looking for this one for a while. The National are my current favorite band, and while this isn’t their strongest record, it’s fantastic in it’s own right, and provides an a interesting glimpse of the band that went onto record three of the best records of the past half decade (Alligator, Boxer, and High Violet).

Key Tracks: Murder Me Rachael, Available, Cardinal Song, Lucky You

Who Should Buy This: Fans of Joy Division, Leonard Cohen, music in general

The New Pornographers – Together

It’s chance to hear Neko Case sing, which is reason enough for me to buy any record. Combined with the infectious power pop that the band trades in and it’s win win.

Key Tracks: My Shepherd, Crash Years, Your Hands (Together)

Who Should Buy This: Fans of XTC, Neko Case, glammy power pop goodness

The Roots – How I Got Over

Iconic Alternative hip hop group turned house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. For my money the best hip hop band out there, maybe ever. The beats are funky and lyrics thought provoking and the music is among the best made over the last decade. This album features more guests and collaborators than you can shake a stick at.

Key Tracks: Dear God Pt.2, How I Got Over

Who Should Buy This: Fans of awesome


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