Tuesday shorties: a failure pile in a sadness bowl.

Locked in tickets today for Patton Oswalt’s show Friday at Hard Rock Live. He’s just a hysterically funny man. He’s especially good at making fun of food – See below (only if you aren’t easily offended – I’m looking at you Robert Downey, Jr.).

Black Angus Steaks

KFC Famous Bowl

Speaking of RDJ and hysterically funny men, I tip my cap to you, Mr. Gervais. And while we are at this, the next person who tries to tell me that the American version of the Office is better than Gervais and Merchant’s original is going to get a kick in the shins. Or least a very disdainful stare from me. A bit of David Brent goodness.

Very excited to see that Johnny Marr is writing a book. Love to listen to him talk about music almost as much as hearing him play it. And plus, there’s always the potential he unloads a ton of Morrissey hate just out of spite. Love that last link a lot since I was about 100 feet to the left of where that footage was taken. Seeing Marr and Buck on stage together was 80s college rock fanboy overload for sure.

Last one, posted this yesterday in honor of Dr. King’s birthday. The genius of the Mad Professor meets that of Marvin Gaye. Could watch and listen to that all day.



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  1. I meant to tell you about Patton coming. Looks like someone didn’t need my heads up!

    • You should know how plugged in I am, PR. It takes something fairly high on the geek/awesome scale to get me out to a Hard Rock (and then a Pat O’Brien’s) these days.

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