Live Blog recap

A recap of Friday’s adventures in comedy with one Patton Oswalt and our intrepid crew.

On the practical front, the wordpress app for iphone works fine. It’s a quick and dirty way to do basic updates and is fairly intuitive to use. The app store reviews complain of multiple crashes, but I didn’t experience any of those. That being said, it’s not a tool I’d use all that much, mainly because my blog posts tend to be of more of the wordy, rambling type, and the iphone isn’t conducive to that. Then again, perhaps not having 1000 word posts every time isn’t such a bad thing after all.

First, the show itself. Joe Mande opened. He’s a comedian I’ve heard of but had not heard any of his material before, and I’m here to tell you that my life is a tiny bit better now that I have. Really funny from the get go, he started off by paying homage to the “historic” Hard Rock theater and all of the “greats” who had come before him on this stage (Hubastank and Alien Any Farm). He could have stopped right there and I’d have appreciated him. Anyway, great opener, with one of the funniest comedy bits I’ve heard in a long time (the first person to drink milk – think about it).

Doug Benson was up next, billed as a “special drop-in guest” when he was introduced. Benson’s an extremely funny, solid comedian, but I can’t say I remember much of his set. That may have as much to do with his being sandwiched in the middle of two exceptional sets and my own declining memory than his act. Anyway, I’d be inclined to see him as a headliner to get a better feel for his performance. Definitely enjoyable though.

Patton came onstage around 9:00 and had the audience laughing for a a full hour straight. If you haven’t seen him perform before, his style is to present self-deprecating, rambling stories, with punchlines that can come from anywhere. He interacts with the audience so seamlessly, that sometimes it’s impossible to tell what is rehearsed and what is improvised. Anyway, I spent most of the time wiping tears from my eyes and trying to catch my breath (as well as dodging elbows being thrown by the incredible 500 lb woman while she pounded down $12 draft beers). Easily the funniest standup I’ve seen in person. The “I want all the ham” bit joins his Black Angus and KFC Famous Bowl bits as one of my top Patton Oswalt pieces. He also gave me one of my favorite new catchphrases (a big, wet wall of sad). Well done, you funny little so and so.

Speaking of funny so and so’s, I promised more details on our pre-show feline tragi-comedy. I will warn you up front, that this story does involve the death of a cat, which on it’s own is not funny, but the circumstances that this death occurred do bring the funny. At least it did at the time, perhaps on written recap form I’ll look like a real jackass for making fun of it, but oh well.

Our friend Nerd has, shall we say, a long history of ridiculously bad things happening around him on the rare occasions that he does decided to venture out and do something with his friends. So much so that whenever you are with him you are just waiting, braced for the panic/angry/sad phone call he is about to receive. Safe to say, few people have suffered more from the advent of the cell phone and 24/7 communication access. It’s like spending time with a real life Eyeore.

True to form, the phone did ring as we were in the cab on the way over to the Hard Rock, 15 minutes before the show started. Turns out that his cat had died soon after he left the house that evening (just so you know, he has multiple cats and this one was 18 years old, so it wasn’t a real shock or anything). Oh, and his teenage daughter had to bury it since his wife wasn’t thrilled with having a dead cat around the house, and wasn’t prepared to deal with it. You could pretty much see the thundercloud form over Nerd’s head during the phone call. Now of course, this by itself isn’t funny. But in a “really universe, this is what you’re doing tonight?” kind of way, it did have a dark, Monty Python-esque humor to it. Or perhaps Geek and I are just evil and should be beaten senseless by the next ASPCA member we cross paths with.

Feline tragi-comedy aside, it was a great night, though only further proof of how old I’ve gotten. First 3 AM night in an eternity and it took me 2 solid days to recover. Ah well. (Special thanks for our waitress at the I-Drive Denny’s who so quickly packed breakfast up to go for us at a moment’s notice. And the to wedding party at Pat Obrien’s who sang “Bad Medicine” at the top of their lungs – that’s the real tragi-comedy).



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