It was a beautiful day. No, seriously.

It was a gorgeous day today. Unbelievably so in fact. I’m not one for hyperbole, but it was the kind of day that  makes everything you do that much better by association. My ride today wasn’t the longest or the fastest I’ve ever done, but was one of the best just because it gave me a chance to be outside. The salad I ate today outside was worthy of Joel Robuchon. Somewhere, Greek men with long names are writing epic poems celebrating today. Children were conceived today purely by the power of today’s beauty. They will one day be named January 29, 2011. Warrior Viking types are composing songs about today. Cave dwellers are painting the walls of their homes to commemorate today for all history. Haikus were penned with the greatest of ease. Romances bloomed. Arabs and Israelis, Republicans and Democrats, Oasis and Blur, and Red Sox and Yankees put side their differences in honor of today. Bono frantically paged through a well worn thesaurus in search of words to capture the beauty that was on display. (look for the new U2 single “Breathtaking 24 Hours” out soon). Sarah Palin inexplicably declined to shoot a random, passing animal today. It was a day of miracles. It was truly a beautiful day.


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