Tuesday quick links

I posted this yesterday, but new Radiohead important enough for a repeat post. For those of you who want a physical copy but don’t want to spend the $50 on the deluxe edition, the cd/vinyl version will be in stores on March 29.

I didn’t watch the Grammys, because seriously, it’s the Grammys. Made sure to track down this clip of the Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, and Bob Dylan. Get it while you can, those Grammy folks are pretty vigilant about taking down youtube videos. The closest to a dance step that I’ve ever seen Dylan do.

The trailer for the new Simon Pegg/Nick Frost flick, Paul looks excellent!

Two tracks from the Decemberists on this link. One is a lovely cover of the REM song “Cuyahoga.” (Let’s send that one out to our friends in Egypt and hope all goes well for them: “Let’s put our heads together, and start a new country up.”) Also included in a performance of “Down By the Water” from their excellent new album “The King is Dead.” (which by the way, debuted at #1 on the Billboard album chart. What’s going on with the world? Arcade Fire is winning Grammys, the Decemberists are topping album charts?)

It’s a day late, but really liked this clip Edgar Wright shared on his blog yesterday, editing and intertwining a lot of warm and fuzzy moments from TV and movies. It’s a really excellent piece of editing. And totally dig the amount of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Spaced scenes that made the cut.

And today’s true WTF moment, there’s a Die Hard 5 in production. Seriously.

Now go run out (or run to your nearest legal music download site) and get the new PJ Harvey album out today. Run I say!

UPDATE: totally meant to share this but forgot. If you had any doubts about Arcade Fire winning the Grammy for album of the year, this tweet should change your mind. And now that I’ve seen the clip, I can’t express how much I enjoyed seeing a thoroughly confused Babs stumbling through the presentation. Even if she did take down the great Kris Kristofferson by association.



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