Random Thursday, or, the day you get to read me admit that I was wrong about something

Here are three words that I’m sure some of you thought you’d never hear/read me say/write: “I was wrong.” About music, nonetheless (pause to allow people to pick selves off the floor. You ok? Didn’t hit your head, did you? Ok, return to post). I will admit that I heard the Mumford and Sons album a few months ago and blew it off as kind of kitschy, pseudo-Pogues crossed with some Dave Matthews vocals. Then I, like everybody else who watched their performance at the Grammys with the Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan, did a double take and decided to give Sigh No More another listen. And I kinda liked it. I didn’t love it, and I’d still rather hear the Avett Brothers if I’m jonesing for some modern roots/acoustic tunes, but I liked it enough to pick it up on vinyl and add it to the collection. So congratulations, you now sit snugly between Modest Mouse and The National on the vinyl shelf. I apologize and freely admit that I was wrong. Just don’t get used to it.

To steal a line from the Onion AV Club, you can file this beauty under the category of “Great Job Internet!” It’s a fan made mashup of Scott Pilgrim vs the World and the Walking Dead shared by Edgar Wright yesterday. And it’s pretty great.

Sunday the wife and I have reservations for Ravenous Pig’s sold out Cigar City Brewery dinner, and I’ll admit to being downright giddy about attending. Here’s the menu, each course paired with a selected Cigar City offering:

-1st Course-
Seared Lantern Bay Tuna Carpaccio
roasted beets, hazelnuts, fennel, blood orange 

Pairing – White Oak Jai Alai

-2nd Course-
Rabbit and Foie Gras Cassoulet
braised white beans, tomato, garlic breadcrumbs

Pairing – Batch #69 Double Cream Ale

-3rd Course-
Roasted Elk Loin
smoked-potato pierogi, braised red cabbage, elderflower-black currant sauce

Pairing – Vuja de – Sour Wild Ale

-4th Course-
Bread Pudding
caramel-dried cherry bread pudding, toasted pecans, bourbon ice cream

Pairing – Palm Ridge Reserve Aged Winter Warmer, Lil’ Warmer

Oh, Ravenous Pig, you had me at Foie Gras. Review and many pictures to follow next week. Between that dinner and pacing the house Saturday morning convulsively hitting f5 while waiting for the new Radiohead to be available for download, my head may actually explode this weekend.

While we’re on the subject of the Pig, vote for James Petrakis as the People’s “Best New Chef” in the Gulf Coast.

And speaking of things that I’m giddy about, there’s details and a release date (April 19) for the Burn Notice Sam Axe/Bruce Campbell prequel movie, The Fall of Sam Axe. Anything that keeps Bruce gainfully employed deserves your support.

Are you as excited for this weekend as I am? Hopefully you are. If not, at least you probably have Monday off work.



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  1. Allow me to respond by listing my favorite words from TRP menu. In no particular order: beets! blood orange! #69 Double Cream & Elk Loin (because reading those two things together made me giggle out loud – because I’m 12), smoked potato perogi! elderflower! (there’s something funny about that word too), cherry! bread! pudding!

    Just knowing that menu exists is fun.

    • Thank you, Beavis and Klainie.
      Their menus do read sometime like a really great madlibs. And elderflower sounds like something from a Monty Python skit (The Knights who say “Ni” demand a sacrifice. We would like…..an Elderflower!)

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