Tuesday Quick links: Pylon was just all kinds of awesome edition

Man, late lunch tonday.

I decided to make this edition of the Tuesday quick links a tribute to Pylon after seeing one of their songs posted on Facebook this afternoon (thanks Janine). So it seemed like a good idea to celebrate one of Athens, GA’s seminal bands and pay respects to the departed and sorely missed guitarist, Randy Bewley, who passed away 2 years ago of  a heart attack. (Plus, truth be told, I was fresh outta ideas today.) Without further ado, the Pylon themed links.

Stop It (Rock and Roll No) – From the movie Athens, GA Inside/Out

and the studio version

Crazy – the original, awesome version

and the version you may be familiar with if you grew up on college radio in the 80s, REM’s cover (slightly less awesome, but still fantastic)

Gyrate, one of my favorite Pylon tracks

And while we’re at it, here’s a few more vids from classic Athens bands:

Dreams So Real’s California – terrible video quality, but I was a huge fan of these guys back in the day

Every Word Means No – Let’s Active was only “Athens” by Mitch Easter’s production of REM’s first two albums, but they fit right in nicely

So Central Rain – From some small band, can’t quite remember their name.

Cheers. RIP Randy.


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