Salmon of Knowledge

I’m sitting at the kitchen table writing this, chaperoning (refereeing?) Kid A and his friend’s play date. This used to be called hanging out at your friend’s house, but somewhere along the line it gained the formality of a title, time schedule, and approved list of activities. When did we become quite this lame? (Then again, at the same age we used to fire bottle rockets at our friends heads and douse a bowling ball in gasoline, light it, and roll it flaming down the hill into traffic, so, in retrospect, maybe this is a better way to do things. And sorry to any of you who used to have to dodge flaming projectiles on E North St in Greenville, SC circa 1980.)

Our “date” started with me bringing out a bunch of legos and building blocks in Kid A’s room, only for the two of them to decide after 5 minutes that they want to play Wii. They then spent 25 minutes setting up their Wii characters (and one for each of their friends) before quitting after four frames of bowling (I don’t blame you guys there, bowling is a ridiculous thing to do on the best of days) and returning to the legos. In the meantime, they’ve broken a plastic screen window covering on our porch with a soccer ball, knocked over a stack of my books, broken 2 gigantic lego ships, opened every door in the house while asking, “what’s in here?”, and (the biggest sin you can commit in my house), touched my turntable and records. And by “they” I mean Kid A’s friend. It took all of my legendary patience and self control not to stuff him in a paper bag and put him out on the side of the road with a “free to good home” note. If today is any indication of the way he acts at home, I am quite sure his parents will not mind.

Lesson learned today is never again to complain about the way my kids act. They are like a combination of Miss Manners and Ann Landers compared to this kid, known henceforth as “Damien.” I’ve still got an hour to go with this at least. I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and positive vibes.

Last night Kid B got to pick our family outing, so we had a thrilling round of mini-golf at Disney (amazingly, with our season passes it’s cheaper for us most of the time to go play there then it is to go down the street to Congo River or something). We play “winner picks dinner” stakes, so thankfully a Mrs. JLo win ensured we ate at Raglan Road instead of T-Rex Cafe, and this made me happy. Raglan Road (named after the Irish song of the same name) is an Irish Restaurant and pub at Downtown Disney, and a place I enjoy despite the “Disney pricing” that’s in effect. The menu is designed by Irish Chef Kevin Dundon, with an interesting take on traditional Irish cuisine complimented by the use of fresh ingredients. We’ve been there numerous times, (including the night before my 40th birthday – lots of fun, extremely expensive, yikes) and always look forward to coming back.

When we got there it was an hour and half wait for a table inside, so we were more than happy to take a table outside on the patio (the joy of Florida winter, 70 degrees and beautiful). We ordered up a couple of great appetizers, a frito misto-style dish called “Calamari City,” which has lightly breaded and fired calamari and assorted vegetables, and a “Scallop Forrest,” which is fried scallops presented on rows of forks (hence, the “forest.”) The best part about these dishes is that even though they are fried they are not the least pit greasy nor are they overly heavy, so they make for great starters. Kid B in particular loves the scallops and those usually end up being his entree (As I told him, I’m willing to give up seafood for you, so you know I must love you).

Bounty of the sea

Soon after, these guys showed up and tried to bogart some of our food. Careful, you guys would be mighty tasty seared with a Guinness reduction glaze.

Mmmmm, delicious, delicious duck

For my entree I ordered one of my favorite dishes available anywhere in Orlando, “Salmon of Knowledge. This is a salmon fillet wrapped in a crispy strip of smoked salmon, then served over a bed of leaks, tomatoes, and mashed potatoes. I’m not sure of the lengths that I would go to in order to get this dish, but they are far, far in the distance. You can have the scallops kids, this one is all for daddy.

Salmon of Knowledge even looks awesome on the plate

It wouldn’t be an Irish meal without one of these, of course.

My goodness, a Guinness

We wrapped up by sharing a dessert. 99% of then time if we would order the bread pudding, which is unbelievably good, even though it was recently eclipsed by Ravenous Pig’s bread pudding as my Orlando favorite. We wanted something new and a bit lighter, however, so we ordered a berry trifle to share. To be fair, any dessert seems like a bit of a disappointment if compared to the bread pudding, but we did enjoy it and it was perfect to share amongst four people who were pretty full already.

A very nice presentation for the trifle

Excuse me now while I go pry Damien off one of our bookshelves before he pulls the anchors out of the wall. Now where’s my trash bags?



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