Tuesday Quick Links: There’s now scientific proof that having kids makes you insane

A really shocker, that headline, no? I stretched the truth just a little bit.  Technically having kids just makes you unhappy and delusional, according to this study.

Need some cheering up? Happy Collapse Into Now day. Go forth and purchase, online if you must, but preferably at your local independent retail outlet (I’d suggest Park Avenue CDs for those of you in the Central FL area.) Looking forward to spinning the vinyl tonight after a few weeks of digital previewing.

Speaking of your local independent record store, Record Store Day is fast approaching again. It’s all going down on April 16 this year. I’ve got to remember to get in line earlier this year. This was the line by the time I got to Park Ave last year:

Yes, people standing in line to buy stuff at a record store.

Speaking of music, what happens when you take an average band that made two great albums and remove the “talented one?” Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Beady Eye!

I can only wish to one day write something as well as Christopher Hitchens does on a below average day. Interesting mini-portrait of Tony Blair written after a debate between the two.



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  1. Wow, who named that band? Darius Rucker? (Pretty sure only you would get that joke.)

  2. So…how’s the new stuff? (Love my old school REM, scared to try out the new)

    • Still formulating my opinion/official blog response, but on the first few spins I’d give it a solid “very good,” which makes it the best thing they’ve done since New Adventures in Hi Fi in 1996. Doesn’t reach the highs or consistent greatness of the REM Mount Rushmore (Murmur, Reckoning, Fables, Pageant, Document, AFTP, and Hi Fi), but that’s a high bar. Long story short, there’s probably going to be a rambling 1000+ word post in the next day or two recommending it.

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