PMP, RP, Pastry, and Brie

Eventful day yesterday. Sat for and passed the PMP exam, which makes me feel better about crash studying for it over the past 3 weeks and ignoring everything else in the world. Unfortunately when I asked when my walking stick and yellow high heeled shoes with goldfish in them would be delivered, they told me that it was actually the Project Management Professional exam, which is slightly less interesting though more applicable in an office environment. Oh well. (You can watch I’m Gonna Git You Sucka if you don’t get that reference). Enough about that, about the only thing more boring than reading about somebody’s job is reading a lavishly detailed account of what they ate that day. So naturally….

Finished up the exam at 11:30 and rewarded myself with a trip to Ravenous Pig for lunch, which just so happened to be on the way home from the test center. Sat at a table outside to enjoy another chamber of commerce postcard day here in Central Florida and started with one of their fantastic Gazpacho Bloody Marys and an order of devil eggs, my version of a makeshift veggie omelet.  These are not your mom’s deviled eggs mind you. They are better described as happiness and joy served in egg form.

The world's greatest deviled eggs.

IF you are so inclined you can make these bad boys for yourself. Personally, I don’t mind shelling out the $4 for them, because that means there’s probably more Rav Pig goodness to follow. And there was. After that starter I went for what is probably my favorite lunch dish there, the mussels  and white truffle oil fries. I could literally have this every day and not tire of it. It looks amazing even in my shoddy, overexposed picture.

That's mussels, not muscles

Reward lunch out of the way,  went with Mrs. Lo and one of the kids for a walk down Park Ave and, after a visit to the Morse Museum, to two of our favorite shops on Park Ave, Croissant Gourmet and The Cheese Shop on Park. The thought of a croissant from Croissant Gourmet is about the only thing that could keep me away from the dessert menu at Rav Pig, and my chocolate pastry was well worth the wait. Mrs. Lo had an excellent almond one (which she was happy to find since they often sell out of those quickly) while the youngster make quick work of a strawberry tart, though I managed to get a few photos before the carnage began.



Strawberry, oh my!

The last stop on the Winter Park Calorie Overload walk is The Cheese Shop on Park. If your idea of cheese comes in a package of 64 and wrapped in plastic, then this isn’t the place for you. And that’s ok, just leaves more for the rest of us. Life is too short though not to purchase your cheese from a monger. I took a recomendation and walked out with a really nice Canadian goat’s milk brie from Woolwich, which is tart, creamy, and almost pure white when you cut into it. That and a nice crusty baguette made for an excellent after bike ride lunch today. I’ll need a few more of those (the bike rides that is) this week to burn off Saturday, but it will be well worth it.



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