Tuesday links: The cheers, internet! edition

Way too busy the past few days, so the blog output has been suffering. Apologies, but then again you’re getting your money’s worth, aren’t you?

This is why the internet is great. People have time to create things like:

Dance battle!

The truth about Facebook (from the Onion of course).

Some Simon Pegg and Nick Frost nerdy goodness. “Oh good, you big gold plated Nancy.”

Plus, you can use the internet to find pictures of Neko Case that you can legally post to your blog, because quite frankly, your world is a better place if it has as much Neko Case in it as possible. With thanks to the license holder.



And yet more link goodness….

Speaking of Nick Frost, I haven’t seen Paul yet, but hope to this weekend, but I’m very much looking forward to Attack the Block later this year as well. One of the best taglines ever: “Inner City vs. Outer Space.” (scroll down on the ATB home page for the trailer)

Very cool video of Thom Yorke’s DJ set at LA’s Low End Theory club a couple of weeks ago. The man knows his way around a deck, that’s for sure.

The guy in the background of the last video acting as hype man is Low End Theory regular Flying Lotus (“Wow, Low End Theory, did that just happen?”), an insanely good DJ/producer. Yorke provided some guest vocals on FL’s excellent 2010 album Cosmogramma. If you’re into the whole remixer/producer/DJ thing, be sure to check out as much Flying Lotus as possible.



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