Tuesday Quick Links: Steve Buscemeyes!

Ever wondered what your favorite Hollywood starlet would look like with actor Steve Buscemi’s eyes? I know I have. Wonder no more. This website is equal parts hilarious, disturbing, and hypnotic.

I completely love this trailer for the Beastie Boys’ Fight For Your Rights Revisited. Elijah Wood nails Ad-Rock’s slow mo rap walk. It’s fun to watch and play guess the cameo.

I linked to a shorter version of this story earlier, but here is the longer version. The 1986 Masters is still one of my favorite moments of all time, but I never knew the story of the yellow shirt until this weekend. Don’t mind telling you that I wept like a little kid the first time I saw it. Underrated highlight, the crack of the persimmon wood Jack hits on 18.

Big day on Saturday. It’s Record Store Day, of course, but you knew that already. It’s also the semifinal match of the FA Cup between Manchester City and Manchester United. Don’t really fancy City’s chances now that Carlos Tevez is likely out with injury, but will be watching nonetheless. Come on, City! Will either be celebrating or drowning sorrows at Ravenous Pig that night, so I’m covered either way.



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