Record Store Day Live Blog

Since RSD is by far my favorite holiday, I couldn’t resist reviving the ever exciting live blog to cover today’s exciting events. I know you’ll be dying to keep up with the haps, so check back throughout the day and refresh for updates. As always, events occur in real time.

0810: Meant to get up around 6:30 this AM to grab a quick shower and head down to Park Ave CDs to get in line. Ended up waking up at 3:30 and leaving at 7:30 anyway. I toyed with the idea of leaving when I got up, but as I promised my friend Carol I’d give her a ride, it would have been bad form to call and wake her to tell her departure time had moved up by 3 hours.
Arrived at 8:00 to find about 20 people already ensconced in line, meaning that yes, there are at least 20 bigger geeks than I in Orlando (well, not literally, as I tower over most of these scrawny people.) If you are driving by on Corrine right now, dot be fooled into thinking this is a casting call for “Pasty Nerds Standing in Line, The Movie,” though I can see where one might make that mistake.


0850: and the cupcake guy is here. Sweet.



0905: That’s a pretty quality red velvet there, Blue Bird Cupcake man. Also, mad props as usual to Stardust Coffee for fueling this morning with their atomic strength iced black coffee. You got me through studying for the pmp exam, so I definitely owe you, Stardust. Less than an hour to go, and Carol has only made fun of me for live blogging this 4 times. That’s a solid pace, but I doubt she can keep it up.

0922: things are getting lively, the screen printing guy is getting set up, as well as the DJ. One of the highlights of this day every year is the puzzled looks from the retirees who frequent Juniors Diner. Even after you explain to them why there are 200 people lined up in front of their sleepy bacon nirvana, it doesn’t make any more sense to them. Good times. Oh, and Carol got 2 more jibes in the time it took to write this.

0945: T -15 and you can feel the electricity I’m the air. Or maybe it’s just b/c I’m leaning up against an electrical pole.


0956: It’s on. Let the music buying bacchanalia begin!



1100: Made it through the lines, exiting the store with a bag full of vinyl and RSD swag. Hey, preppy college dudes in front of me who spent $400 each, including all that Lady Gaga swag, you know there’s a special place in hell for you if flip the limited edition stuff that somebody else wants and is standing in line for in the heat on eBay, don’t you? Just checking. And to the young friend behind me who had your card declined on RSD, that’s a cold dish of karma served up to you.

Swag pics and wrap up to follow.


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