Some random thoughts while sitting in the Honda service center.

Have you heard of a humblebrag before? It’s one of my favorite new terms, and it’s sweeping the nation. The idea sprang from this twitter feed, which chronicles tweets where people (usually celebs, but the idea applies across the board) are rubbing your face in how good their life is at the moment, but do so via a superficially humble tweet. There’s a science to it. Usually the person in question is either complaining or admitting something couched in a thick layer of fake guilt, but the result is the same: “Don’t you wish you were me.”

Examples of a humblebrag:

“My table at (exclusive restaurant X that costs more than you make in a month) is really bad!”

“Changing the tire on my new Porsche is such a pain!” (Blog note, changing the tire on a Honda Civic is super easy and convenient, as I proved this morning)

“I’ve never even taken a shower yet in 4 of my 5 bathrooms in our new house. Can you believe it?”

“I can’t believe I’m stuck sitting next to (annoying celeb Y) on this flight to Paris! Of all the luck!”

“I’ve had such a hard time finding clothes ever since I lost 385 pounds last month.”

You get the idea. The thing about humlebrags though, is that celebrities aren’t the only ones who do this, not by a long shot. Pretty much anybody with a facebook page, blog or twitter feed does it all the time. The more you think about it, it’s really the only reason to have any of these electronic feeds – it’s our way of saying “hey, I’m here, I’ve got something to say.” I think it’s especially true for those of us with a blog. We all have different reasons for writing one, but in the end, we all want somebody to eventually read what we write. And hopefully enjoy it and come back and read some more.

Shameless blog plug, if you like what you read, feel free to use the subscribe button on the top right hand side of this page. It’s good for you and will make you a better all around person in the end (not intended to be a factual statement.)

Speaking of humblebrags, had another top shelf meal at Ravenous Pig last Saturday. My 6 readers are likely getting tired of reading 1000 words posts of me gushing about how wonderful this place is, so I won’t bore you with another recap, but I will share some photos of the excellent nosh:

Asparagus salad with speck ham - this was one of the best things we've ever had there

Pastrami spiced fois gras - different, but so very, very good

A most excellent oyster tasting

Swordfish with artichokes and other fresh veg - fantastic

Plant City strawberry and rhubarb crisp - an excellent rec from our server

So ends the longest humblebrag ever. Happy earth day and easter to you all. What will you be humblebragging about this weekend?



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  1. That dessert looks like THEBOMBDIGGITY. I’ve never had rhubarb but I’ll eat anything in crisp form.

    I’ve gotta go now. I need to spend some of the wad of cash in my wallet cuz I can’t get the darn zipper to close.

    (eh? humblebrag? good, no?)

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