Tuesday Quick Links: Chewing the Fat edition

Some really good stuff this week.

First off, a link to a conversation between Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali, culinary giant and all around funny dude. This particular one compares filet mignon to Paris Hilton. “No fat and a blank stare.” Genius. Preach on, my brothers. There’s links to other topics below.

Ever wondered what Oscar Wilde would be writing today if he were alive. From these hilarious segments, evidently the answer is The Jersey Shore. “She’s like a parasite, and I’m the host.” NSFW for language, so headphones if you need ’em.

I linked to the extremely cool Beastie Boys promo video for their new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two earlier, but now the full album stream (explicit version, mind) is available, and daaang this is really good. There was a healthy dose of the exceptional lead track, Make Some Noise, in the video, and it’s every bit as good as promised there. Summer parties just got their soundtrack.

Check out these amazing time lapse images. Gorgeous photography.


No fat and a blank stare.


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