Yet more reader mail

Since it’s been a while since I’ve written, and quite frankly since I can’t think of anything else interesting to write about at the moment, I’ll dredge up Round II of reader mail, where I respond to actual e-mails from you, the reader (or me, the big fat liar, liar pants on fire.)

You have a blog? *

– Anon, Bithlo, FL

This one hurt a bit, as this came from somebody who has actually read my blog before. Come to think of it though, since I haven’t written anything on here in like 2 weeks, probably a good question. I will admit though to have become quite taken with Twitter, which kind of seems like it was built for desperate, one liner slinging cynics like me. @jlo3133 if you are at all interested, especially now that I’ve stopped complaining about not having any sugar.

Dude, where have you been? Profits and tips are down 50% in the past 2 weeks.

– Orlando area restaurants and craft beer bartenders

Sorry folks, had to cut back a bit on my simple carbs, so no beer or sugar for a few weeks. I’m breaking my fast next week in celebration of American Craft Beer Week (huzzah for good beer!) and for the Ravenous Pig Terrapin Brewery dinner on the 22nd. Have I mentioned about how awesome this pork fat and craft beer bacchanalia promises to be? Check out this menu:

Reception ~ house-made salt and vinegar chicharones with Rye Pale Ale

1st Course ~ Crispy Trotter Salad with frisée, arcadia peaches, crispy pig ears, & pecan vinaigrette with Indiana Krunkles Wheat IPA

2nd Course ~ Tortellini Testa in pozole broth, new symrna clams, hominy
with Monks Revenge Belgian Style Double IPA

3rd Course ~ Potèe Plate ~ braised country rib, smoked sausage, grilled ham, glazed vegetables, salsa verde with Tom Foolery Black Saison

4th Course ~ Bing Cherry Tart & candied bacon ice cream with Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale

That’s right, pork crackling, pig’s feet, headcheese, and bacon ice cream. That’s nothing but good eating there, my friends.

I’m not eating half of what is on that menu, you know that, right? *

– Mrs. Lo

Why do you think I’m bringing you? More porky goodness for me.

Why don’t you write about your recent fitness quest? That seems to be a very popular thing to do these days?

– P. Fry, Parts Unknown

Maybe. Don’t you think that’s kinda boring though?

Not as boring as reading about some dude’s vinyl record collection.

– P. Fry, Parts Unknown

Ouch. Point taken.

I’m responding to your post by e-mailing you, because I don’t want other people to think that anybody actually reads your blog. You’re arrogant enough as it is. **

– A real %&@#ing great friend, Clearwater, FL

Um, thanks for the feedback? That’s one thing I’d like to see more of, is some comment and interaction on the blog, but then again, that would mean that I would actually have to write something occasionally. And get new readers/friends apparently. Anyway, if you’ve been shy in the past about commenting, don’t hold back! I’m much more mellow than I used to be and probably won’t mock your opinions publicly. For long anyway.

Seriously, you’re doing this again? Am I’m going to have to send a cease and desist? You know I’m in a bad mood after the Celtics got bounced out of the playoffs thanks to Rondo’s injury and the refs. Stop it.

– B. Simmons, Los Angeles

Hey look, over there! Is that Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant talking to Larry Bird ! (sneaks away while his head is turned)

* These weren’t e-mails but actual conversations

** Actual real, non made up e-mail.

Ok, so that’s another round of somewhat fake e-mail answered. Sorry for the infrequent blogging, just haven’t been inspired to write anything. And you know my motto here, you definitely get what you pay for, and less.

Cheers. CTID.


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