The King of Limbs Newspaper Edition

Had an otherwise crap day yesterday which was salvaged and redeemed by two events. First was I brought my bike along to work with me yesterday and got out afterwards for a nice easy ride of about 16 miles through Research Park across Alafaya Trail to the Little Econ Trail at Blanchard Park. I’m going to try to add this in as an everyday Wednesday occurrence as long as the weather holds out, for soon we will be in Orlando Summertime Weather Pattern, which means it will be pouring down rain every afternoon at 4:30 soon. Also may need to figure out a new route to get to Blanchard, as my fellow Research Parkers are for the most part a bunch of idiots when they get in their cars on the way home, and I don’t feel like risking my life that much just for the sake of an extra mile or two on my ride. Watch where you are going people! I’m a gigantic dude on a gigantic bike wearing a bright red shirt. Don’t act like you don’t see me.

The second thing that brightened my day was coming home to find that my copy of The King of Limbs Newspaper Edition had finally made its way from England to my humble home. The Newspaper Edition was offered on the Radiohead website as a purchase option when the album was first announced and made available for download and sold for a fairly reasonable $48. For this you got an immediate download of the album in your choice of formats, and the physical album on cd and vinyl, as well as artwork and The Universal Sigh newspaper, hence the name. I got notice that my copy had shipped at the beginning of the month and have been waiting quite patiently for it ever since.

I enjoyed listening to TKOL downloads for a while, but it was immediately pretty apparent that this was a record that would offer a lot on vinyl, so I’ve basically but it to the side since that initial round of listens. After a couple of spins of the vinyl, I can see that I was right. While my opinion of the record as a whole has not changed much (It’s a very good, but not great Radiohead album, which means that it’s better than 99.99999% of anything else that is available to you right now), the vinyl format and rich analog sound have revealed a few layers not readily apparent from the downloads. First and foremost, the bass playing of Colin Greenwood really jumps to the fore here, and in many ways this is really “his” record, with slinky, funky grooves underpinning all of the first five songs on the record, but especially Lotus Flower and Bloom. A tip of the cap to the under-appreciated Greenwood brother for bringing real depth to what is considered the weaker half of the album.

Here’s the swag photos:

The full package

The "tiny pieces of artwork." And before you ask, other have evidently checked to see if these are hits of acid and only report to have dry mouth and paper cuts on their tongue. Cool design though.

The good stuff: two 10 inch, clear vinyl discs. Worth the price by themselves.

So overall, a pretty nice package, definitely one that should make Radiohead fans and vinyl nuts happy. Now if you will excuse me, I’ve got some more listening to do while I work this afternoon. Excited for the end of the work day because I’m going to toast American Craft Beer Week tonight at Mellow Mushroom with a glass or two. Huzzah!



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