MS 150: My training plan

If you’ve read this blog before but haven’t been around in a little while, you’ll notice I’ve changed the name to Biking My Mass Off to reflect my focus on my training efforts for next years MS 150 bike ride. Now, don’t worry, I’ll still throw out the periodic 1000 word missive on obscure bands, the awesomeness of vinyl and my latest attempts to do undermine my training efforts by consuming my weight in pork and craft brews, but the focus for the next year will be on cycling and fundraising. And possibly me succumbing to heat stroke at some point during the brutal Orlando summer. So you’ve got that to look forward to  if you wish. As always, would appreciate some love on your blog, twitter or facebook page to help spread the good word. Link to the MS 150 page and score yourself some awesome karma.

Many thanks and much blog love to the all around fab Klainie Nedoroscik, this blogs official Director of Branding, Marketing, Corporate Relations, Media Strategies and Data Collection, for all of her excellent advice and ideas so far. She’s racked up a karma surplus that should last through at least 2057. Please note, however, that she is not to blame for the numerous spelling and grammar errors, bad puns, and lame graphic this post contains. That’s all me.

Let's begin.

The MS 150 here in Central Florida was held this year in May, which means I’ve got about 11 moths to prepare for next year. After some research, I’ve put my hard earned certified Project Management Professional skillz to use, I’ve developed a three phase plan that will hopefully make covering that distance next year a breeze. I can adjust this slightly depending on exactly when the ride is eventually scheduled to take place, but regardless it begins on Saturday.

PHASE 1 (June through September): Building off my current routine and dietary, this phase is focusing mainly on improving my general fitness level, as well as building up some time on the bike to get used to riding some longer distances. Currently I’m riding about four times a week, max around 20 to 25 miles, with shorter rides of around 10 to 15 miles included. I’ve recently adjusted my diet by cutting back on simple sugars while attempting to add more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I’m not going to “diet” per say, but rather make some simple changes that I can easily stick with that will help provide the necessary fuel for my rides. Weight loss is an expected added benefit.

My weekly ride schedule will be based off the mileage of my “long day,” which will usually be Saturday. (See you down at the Cady Way, bright and early, if you’re up.)

Saturday – Long day

Sunday – 50 or 80% of long day, linked to Wednesday

Monday – 10 miles

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 50 or 80% of long day, depends on Sunday ride

Thursday – rest day

Friday – 10 miles

My plan is to slowly bump these distances up proportionally, capping any weekly increase at 5 to 10%, with my long ride maxing out at 40 miles. the important thing to me in this phase is just to get used to riding 5 days a week and getting used to “structured” riding. On rest days I plan to do some short walks and stretching. As my fitness level improves I’ll likely get back into “power” yoga on a regular basis to help both with flexibility and with strength training. Yes, yes, yes, I know weight training is all the rage now, but I absolutely hate it and won’t stick with it (I’ve got a string of cancelled gym memberships as proof), so I’m not even going to pretend that will be an option. I’m confident a combination of yoga and some traditional exercises (push ups, etc) will be sufficient for my needs.

Phase goals: increased fitness levels, develop a workable schedule, weight loss, develop a solid fund raising strategy, get an actual logo

Data to track: mileage, weight loss, possible BMI

PHASE 2 (October through January): I’ll start really focusing on my cycling here, and will use this phase to really test my ability to ride longer mileages, test my recovery, and evaluate my current equipment. I’ll use the same structure as Phase 1 and will continue to slowly stretch out mileage, but will use the shorter rides to focus on building up speed and burst. The MS 150 isn’t a competitive ride, so speed is not a huge consideration, but it is important I think to have an improved burst and endurance to deal with wind and any hills. Not that hills are a major concern in Florida either, but wind is a definite worry, especially given my height and the fact that I ride in an upright position most of the time. I’ll also be exploring different hydration and fuel options during this phase, as well as determine if my current bike and other equipment is suitable. I’ll also be looking into some group rides or shorter “races” to get used to riding with other bikers. One that is definitely on my calendar is the annual Mellow Mushroom Pints for Prostates ride!

By this time I’ll also be kicking my fundraising effort into high gear. My initial goal is to exceed the required pledge amount of $250 by 10 times, so I’ll be exploring corporate as well as individual donations, and using both social and traditional media resources to cast the widest net possible.

Phase goals: increased mileage, confirm my equipment is sufficient for my needs, implement fundraising strategy

Data to track: mileage, speed, weight loss, fund raising

PHASE 3 (February to May – est date for ride): This phase will need some tinkering, as I’m undecided whether it would be best to ride a full 100 miles in one day (the longest leg of the MS ride) or whether to build up to a percentage of my ultimate total and then taper back. Any advice here would be extremely useful and much appreciated! Regardless, I’ll send the two weeks before the ride in maintenance mode, not pushing long distances and keeping myself fresh for the two days of the ride.I’ll need to make more decisions on the best way to tackle this phase based on both my biking results and fundraising efforts.

Phase goals: final ride prep, close out fund raising efforts

Data to track: mileage, weight loss, fund raising

So that’s my plan. It all kicks off for real Saturday morning on the Cady Way trail. Wish me luck, and many thanks for the words of support and advice that many of you have offered so far. Keep them coming and keep spreading the good word!



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  1. hey, my title’s expanding! And I have a data points to prototype into pie charts!

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