Let’s Get It On: First training ride

Let’s Get It On. I used that title on purpose, if only to have the excuse to enjoy a little bit of Marvin Gaye, funksoulbrother #1 in my book. Seriously, how good is this song?

Man that’s good stuff. We’ll dedicate that one to the one that you love, where ever they might be.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, back to your regularly scheduled post. This morning was the first official ride of my MS 150 training. Going to bed last night I wasn’t even sure if I’d be able to get out this morning, since I was laid up yesterday with a fairly brutal sinus headache. A handful of Excedrin Sinus and about 14 hours sleep seem to have done the trick, however, as I woke up this morning feeling most excellent, so much so that I had to force myself to stick with my planned ride duration today of 22 miles. I felt that I could have easily ridden 30 miles plus today, but since this was to be the pace setting ride for my training this week, I contented myself with the schedule two lengths of the Cady Way trail this morning. Here’s the vitals on today’s ride:

According to my trusty Livestrong App, that’s a solid 1800 to 2000 calories burned. The Cady Way can be slightly frustrating to bike sometimes when it’s gets crowded as it seems to draw and inordinate number of folks walking/running/biking in the middle of trail, headphones on, oblivious to their surroundings. Today was no exception unfortunately, but no matter. Had a great morning despite this. I’ve been riding this trail for the past 2 or 3 Saturdays, and am starting to recognize several regulars. One of my favorites is Happy Rollerblading Guy. He looks like one of those roller skating guys from Venice Beach that you see on TV occasionally, skating happily along, forward, backwards, and spinning around. If you find one thing in life that you enjoy half as much as he appears to enjoy blading, consider yourself very lucky.

Here’s the route, starting off at Colonial Square Mall heading out to Red Bug Road and back. The most interesting part of the trail is the Semoran Blvd overpass, which you climb at the 4th mile on the way out, and the 18th on the way back. It’s what passes for a hill here in Florida, but still provides a nice short climb to break up flat trail.

With today’s ride as the pace setter, here’s what the rest of my looks like:

Today: 22 miles

Sunday: 11 miles

Monday: 10 miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 17.5 miles

Thursday: rest

Friday: 10 miles

Total miles for the week: 70.5

All in all in was a good start to the week. As always, I’d appreciate you sharing the link to my MS 150 main page on your blog, twitter feed, and facebook page to help spread the good word. It’s all for charity you know, some get yourself some good karma and pass it along.



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