Intervals experiment and karma special giveaway!

Ed. Note: Before we get started, I have a today only karma special for you. The first (and maybe first few, depending on how it goes) people to confirm to me that they have shared or are planning to share my MS 150 link today via the social media platform of their choice wins the following fabulous prize pack: a double dose of karma, a major shout out on this here blog, AND, wait for it, I will tweet and update my Facebook status to ANYTHING* you tell me to and leave it as my current update for at least two hours. I will also take a screen cap of said status and display it proudly next to your shout out. So there you go, get to linking.

(*Anything that won’t get me arrested, investigated or fired. Everything else is pretty much fair game. And I won’t put any disclaimers up immediately before, during or after to mitigate whatever your devious mind/s comes up with.)

Felt MUCH better heading out this morning compared to yesterday’s debacle. Here’s the vitals:

Monday’s are always going to be tough in terms of getting more than 45 minutes or so in just because of work and kid schedules, so I’m still kicking around what I want to do with this ride long term. Right now it’s just a conditioning and calorie burning ride, and Mr. Livestrong says that this one was worth approximately 800 calories in the bank. So that’s cool. One of my options going forward, however, is to use this ride for interval training, and I did experiment with that a little bit today.

The advice that I read about getting starting with intervals in cycling (a short, sprint at high speed followed by a period of cool down, then repeat the sequence), suggested going “one gear up” from your cruising pace, followed by a period “one gear down.” For me this meant 2 minutes riding between 17-18 mph, followed by a cool down of 3 minutes at 12-13 mph. I did that a couple of times to get used to it and really liked it, so I think this is going to become the focus of my Monday rides. I’ll do a 5-10 warm up, 20 to 30 minutes of intervals, and close out with a 5-10 cool down. I’ll bump up the break down of the intervals to a 3/2 ratio as I go along, but for now I’m going to be conservative and leave them at 2/3.

Alrighty then. You have your marching orders so get to sharing. Will you use your power for good, evil, or to try and see how much you can humiliate me? I can’t wait to find out (but totally expect the latter).



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  1. You can tweet this link with what you want it to say, and I’ll retweet ya.

    • Okey doke. Will do. You are the first winner. Double serving of positive, pre-birthday karma for you. And I await my fate.
      To the first two respondents before Paula, thank you for explicitly violating all 3 of my terms as egregiously as possible. I expected nothing less and am thankful for the comment moderation capabilities bestowed upon me, but I do need some new friends, clearly.

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