Rest Day randoms

Today is a rest day. Quite frankly, I needed it too. All I plan on doing this evening is some stretching and possibly crank up a little yoga if I have time. Both of my quads feel like rubber bands  wound up into a tight little ball, so the stretching is kind of a must and something I need to focus on more.

If you are in the market for some new music, I highly suggest the new Cults album (Not The Cult, they haven’t been good in 25 years). Some pretty solid indie/synth rock meshed with a Phil Spector girl group/wall of sound vibe. Very cool indeed. I’ll be picking this one up at my local independent record store, Park Ave CDs, this week, but you can download the track Go Outside from Amazon for free to sample before you buy. And then go buy it someplace local with brick and mortar and glass and racks of music and clerks and stuff. It’s good for your soul to get out and mingle with the 3 dimensional people occasionally.

The winner of yesterday’s alleged contest was Paula. (find her very funny and just the right amount of scatological blog here). So she is basking in her double dose of karma and all of the fame and fortune that seeing her name in type here brings (i.e., say hi to my mom, Paula). Then again, today is her birthday so she is probably basking in a double dose of cupcake frosting instead. Enjoy your day and thanks for help spreading the word about the MS 150. Something tells me I’m going to expressing a new found, albeit temporary love for this in the very near future:

This is Ke$ha. She is the devil. And thanks to Paula for "letting" me steal this picture from her blog. Yeah, letting, that's it.




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  1. You said no “pre-comments” to the Facebook update. This counts as a pre-comment as you said Ke$ha was the “devil.” Now, I have to come up with something else…

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