First week in the books

This morning’s ride was a short one aimed at general conditioning. I was scheduled to do 10 miles but I tacked on a little extra to make up for the miles I shorted on Wednesday, but, having learned my lesson about pushing things too fast, kept to a fairly moderate pace. (Btw, I don’t usually toot my own horn, but if you haven’t read yesterday’s post about my my ride on Wednesday, please do so. I think it’s one of the better things I’ve written in a long time and I’m proud of that one.)

Here’s the vitals on today’s ride:

It was a really nice morning to get out. It was a microcosm of  why I enjoy riding early mornings in Florida. There was just a touch of cool in the air and a bit of mist over the lakes and ponds. It won’t be long until it will be “fog up your glasses hot and humid” at 6:00 AM, so it was nice to get at least one more pleasant morning in before then.

Seen on my ride today:

  • A family of river otters (only the second time I’ve seen them – very cool)
  • More racoons than I can count, one of which was the size of a Shetland pony (steered clear of him). The racoons were staggering about randomly, like college freshmen making the walk of shame back to the dorms.
  • Our neighborhood family of cranes
  • One gigantic snake (steered way clear of him – I HATE snakes)
  • Enough bunnies to film Watership Down
  • 3 deer

Playing spot the wildlife makes for an enjoyable spin and it makes my kids totally jealous, if nothing else. One of these days I need to bring my camera with me though.

The 12 miles I put in today brought my total for the week to 70.7, or pretty much dead on my goal for the week of 70.5. So, to steal a phrase from W., it’s “Mission Accomplished” for week 1. I learned a few things that will help me as I move forward, namely don’t push things too fast, too far yet and to really concentrate on stretching both before and after each ride, as well as rest days when possible. Tomorrow kicks off another week and I’m looking forward to adding 10% to my “long ride” distance and see where that takes me.

Many thanks to you all for your continue love, good wishes, and support. Even little things mean a lot along the way.



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