A new week

Today kicked off week 2 of training, which means I bumped up the mileage on the “long ride” by 10%, putting in just over 24 miles. Here’s the vitals on this morning’s ride:

Ominously, this is image 666, as well as Track 13.

24 miles today sets the rest of the week up like thusly:

Saturday: 24 miles

Sunday (making this the 80% day this week due to my work schedule): 19 miles

Monday: 10 miles (2/3 min intervals)

Tuesday: rest/stretching

Wednesday: 12 miles (50% day)

Thursday: rest/stretching

Friday: 10 miles

Total for the week: 75 miles

It was easy to add a couple of miles to the Cady Way route by making a right through Baldwin Park on the return trip, though I have decided that 24 miles is about as far as I can go with only one water bottle. Anything more will require an additional bottle or, more likely, my Camelback. Also added 10 slow laps in the pool for some resistance and stretching, which worked out quite nicely. I was a little stiff when I finished the ride today but feel excellent now after some time in the pool and will be adding this to the Saturday/Sunday routine whenever possible. (Technically you could add overhead press and throws (3 sets of 2) of two 60 to 65 pound kids into the pool to that workout if you want, but that’s completely unofficial.)

I don’t plan on writing about every single ride from this point forward, b/c quite frankly, that would be horrifically boring to write. I’ll publish at a minimum a weekly recap and highlight individual days if something remotely interesting happens. Otherwise, it’s blog as usual.

Go Mavs. By the way, can’t help but share my new favorite Lebron James joke. Turns out a panhandler on the street asked LeBron for a dollar and he handed him $.75 instead. The panhandler said, “that’s not a dollar” and Lebron replied, “yeah, I don’t have a 4th quarter.”

Zzzziiiiing. I’ll be here all week folks, be sure to tip your waitresses and bartenders. And try the veal!



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