Intervals almost killed me

The first album by The Hold Steady is called Almost Killed Me. I bring that up because a) I relate everything to music and b) it gives me an excuse to post this song, The Swish. And it’s pretty awesome as well as being the best song ever to reference Elizabeth Shue, Nina Simone, and Robbie Robertson.

There’s another reason this album and song came to mind though, as yesterday was intervals day and it was they, and not The Hold Steady, who almost killed me. I’ve never felt older than I do today, on this blessed rest day, as every part of my body from the middle of my back to my ankles hurts. If you are looking for stocks to invest in may I suggest the makers of Icy Hot and Tylenol PM, as its a long time until I finish this training stuff.

The ride was pretty straight forward yesterday since I wasn’t out for distance but was planning on 40 minutes with a 10 minute warm up, 4 sets of 5 minute intervals, alternating 2 minutes at full sprint (which for me means 18-20 mph tops) with 3 minutes at 13-14 mph, followed by 10 minutes cool down to end. The first sprint was pretty tough, as I didn’t plan my route very well and was sprinting into a dead on head wind as well as dodging traffic round corners, but I got through that ok. By the third set I figured out a route around my neighborhood that I’ll use going forward that gives me some long straightaways with minimal traffic. I also know now to check which way the wind is blowing, as those sprints are significantly harder to pull off into a decent wind.

Anyway, I finished up as planned, and immediately felt it. I could not have done one more foot at “sprint” speed if you’d paid me. I cruised around for an extra five minutes and ended up putting in 45 minutes total in the seat. I did some stretching to try and ward off the pain and stiffness that I knew was my destiny today but they came anyway. Age is an unforgiving bitch of an opponent. I will prevail though (New motto “I got this.”) Right after I bathe in this tub full of Icy Hot.

I want to thank those of you who have voted in my blogging poll so far and encourage you to do so if you haven’t. The results have lined up pretty much with some of the changes that I have been contemplating, but I’m very much interested in what you have to say. On that front, I’m trying to get an official logo put together to add to the site, so if you have any ideas or have artistic services you are willing to donate for a good cause and the massive publicity that exposure on this site can bring, please feel free to share and contact me.

Before I go, let me share another Lebron James joke: “If Lebron wanted a ring so bad, he should have just stayed in Ohio and bought one from Terelle Pryor.” Zing. I love that one.



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