Week 2 Roundup

Week 2, aka, the Smokey week (due to all of the brush fires in the area), is in the books. Or maybe it should be known as the Sweaty Week because it was hot and humid, even for Central Florida, every day this week. Regardless, even though  I may or may not have suffered permanent lung damage riding outside, I accomplished all of my goals for the week. And just as important, my bike rack is on order at Orange Cycle. (Huzzah!) I ended up having to get a roof rack since we don’t have a trailer hitch and you can’t use one of those trunk racks with our van. This will allow me to take my bike on our annual trip to Edisto Beach, SC and allow me to keep riding without borrowing a bike that is 2 sizes too small for my 6’4″ frame or renting one of those “beach cruisers” which have more rust than grease on the chains.

Here’s the stats on my week:

Saturday – 24 miles

Sunday – 19 miles

Monday – 45 minutes of intervals, 9 miles

Wednesday – 11 miles

Friday – 12 miles

That’s right at 75 miles for the week, or dead on my goal. That grand total for the week may be off by a mile or two since I’m using Mondays for timed intervals and not a specific distance, but I offset this distance lost Monday with a slightly long ride this morning.

I’m ready for tomorrow’s long ride, though I’m hoping that some of the smoke in the area will dissipate a bit. If I’m going to come home with that awful “I just swallowed an ash tray” taste in my mouth I’d like to have a better story to tell people than “I just road my bike for a couple of hours.” It certainly won’t be any cooler though, as tomorrow is supposed to be 95+ degrees again. My goal for tomorrow will be 26 miles, and I’m trying to decide whether to wade through the runners congregating around Cady Way Trail or seek another route for tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who voted in my polls this weeks. The results were interesting to see, and were in line with a couple of changes that I have been contemplating making to the blog. Here’s the results:

Somewhat against the odds you have yet to tired of my rambling, 1000 words posts, probably because I haven’t gone off on a 1500 words tangent about some obscures 80s alt rock album in a while. (I feel one of those coming though, so never fear.) I do plan, however, to change up the visual theme of the blog (I’m getting tired of the straight up monochrome plus I’m not a huge fan of how this current theme displays things and want one with some more customization options) as well as incorporating some more pictures when possible now that I’ve got a new iphone doc that makes my camera easily accessible while I ride. Look for the new theme coming in a couple of weeks.

As always, thanks for your continued support, especially those of you who have already pledge a donation or have contributed fund raising ideas. Even a couple of words of  encouragement along the way mean a lot though, so keep them coming. I’m extremely needy (or just easily distracted maybe).



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