Riding the middle distance

My schedule has been a little off this week due to work and kids summer camp schedules. My rest days this week were Monday and Wednesday, so that means that today was my 50% ride (aka “the middle distance”). For those of you musically inclined you could say that this morning I was staring down the barrel of the middle distance, as a couple of pints of Old Rasputin and some tasty Funky Q pizza at Mellow Mushroom is not the best recipe for getting up and riding early the next morning in the Florida heat. I made it out though and actually felt great. (So maybe I’m wrong? Maybe heavy, calorie dense stout and barbeque chicken pizza is the secret dinner of champions? Somehow I doubt that.)

Stats for the day:

I went a mile further than my scheduled 13 miles today, and actually had to keep myself from riding farther in order to stick to the plan. This is one of the things I’ve struggled with (in both directions – good and bad) – sticking to the plan. I came up with the training schedule after a lot of research for a reason (build up slowly to reduce the chance of injury and burnout) and it’s good sometimes to remind myself of that. I enjoy (and sometimes lament) the fact that I don’t often feel 41 while riding, but it is easy to get carried away on days when I feel less than that number. By the same token, it’s just as easy to want to cut things short and not push myself on those 41+ days, but having the plan gives me a nice motivation to push through. I am happy to say though, that there have not been many of the latter days, and they fewer and far between as time goes on.

A couple of people have asked me about some of the gear I am using when I ride, I thought it might be interesting and fun to feature one piece of equipment or product I use each week. Nobody is paying me for this, by the way (though I will happily sell out for a good product, don’t kid yourself), but I like to give props to quality stuff  that I use and enjoy, and hopefully it will help somebody make a better informed choice should they find themselves looking for a similar product.

First up is perhaps the most essential thing that I use each ride outside of my bike and helmet. It’s called Chamois Butt’r and it is a skin lubricant that comes in this rocking purple tube.

A lifesaver. Or perhaps buttsaver is the better term.

If the name itself isn’t a giveaway, you apply Chamois Butt’r to (um, how to put this delicately) the part of you (and the inside of your bike shorts) that comes in contact most with the bike and saddle to help reduce friction while riding. I cannot adequately explain to you how much of a difference this makes. Early on I never used any type of lubricant but tried Chamois Butt’r on the advice of another rider and it was a godsend, especially on longer rides. One of the biggest challenges that anybody faces when riding over distance is just staying comfortable on the bike long periods of time, and this is an immense help. I salute you, Chamois Butt’r and thoroughly recommend your cleverly named product.

Do you have an essential product or gear that you use while exercising?



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