Week 3 wrap

Wow. Not a good day on the bike today, but it is in the books. I didn’t sleep well last night, woke up cranky, didn’t want to go out and ride even though today was scheduled as a pretty easy recovery day, couldn’t get loose and felt dead legged just about the entire time once I did decide to go, and fought the urge to stop and turn around about 4 times. And this was only a short, slow 45 minute, 10 mile spin. Geeze, enough whining already. The vitals:

Interesting thing happened going into the last couple of miles, and it was my good Samaritan/karma move of the day. I rounded the corner and saw an SUV with a large kayak on top coming my way and noticed it was making a TON of noise, like it was dragging something in the back. The driver stopped and checked the kayak out the window, thinking that this might be the problem, but saw that it was tightly secured and drove on, loud, annoying noise notwithstanding.

After I passed them, I saw the source of the noise, a plastic garbage can had somehow gotten wedged between the rear wheels and their trailer hitch. Evidently they had hit and run over it backing out and had not noticed it (which is only slightly scary but let’s move on to the part where I do a good deed). I flipped the bike around and caught up to them and waved them down, pointing out to the driver the source of the problem (and quietly counting my blessings that it wasn’t me and my bike that was under there.) It was wedged in there pretty good, so I hopped off the bike (rather gracefully detaching myself  from my clipless pedals, not always easy to do when you are in a hurry), got down under the back of the car and maneuvered the trash can free. My wife and I joked later that I should patrol the neighborhood as some kind of biking riding, quasi super hero. Would need a catchy name though.

So anyway, that added some good karma to my bank and gave me the excuse to ride an extra mile or so than scheduled. Ironically, I finally started to feel comfortable on the bike during those last couple of miles, but otherwise I was happy to done with a less than pleasurable experience. Hey, they can’t all be good, right?

11 miles today rounds out my weekly totals thusly:

Saturday: 26 miles

Sunday: 21 miles

Monday: rest

Tuesday: intervals, 40 minutes, about 8.5 miles

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 14 miles

Friday: 11 miles

Doing some quick, fancy math I see that this was 80.5 miles for the week, just a shade over the 80 miles I planned. Tomorrow is long ride day for week 4, with 28 miles on the agenda. Tonight also happens to be the one night every 6 months (or maybe it just seems that way) that we get to go out sans children, so hopefully that won’t impact riding in the morning. I totally botched my plans for tonight though, since by the time I called to make reservations both plan A (Evil Dead, The Musical – yes, you read that correctly. See Paula’s great review of the show. They were in the “splash zone.” And yes, you read the correctly as well.) and Plan 1A (Ravenous Pig) were both booked full up. Instead we are going to try a tapas/paella place in Winter Park called Mi Tomatina that I have heard good things about, with maybe a trip to RedLight Redlight as a nightcap.

One quick thing before I wrap this up. I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that Ron Artest from the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers has petitioned a court to legally change his name to Metta World Peace. And no, that link is not from The Onion. This raises a great question though: If you could change your name to anything, with no adverse consequences no matter how insane sounding your new names is, what would it be? I’ve personally always wanted to introduced as “Nature’s Greatest Miracle” (hey – nice super hero name, see above), but more as a spontaneous and natural recognition of the greatness that is I rather than a court ordered formality.





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  1. Here’s something you will not like. My personal trainer went to that 8:00 show you wanted to go to. For the second time. So, yes…someone who had already seen in it basically stole your seats.

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