I skipped a ride. And I liked it.

I woke up Saturday morning with every intention of putting in my long ride for the week of 28 miles. I woke up early, grabbed my ritual pre-ride breakfast of banana and water, got dressed and was doing a bit of stretching on the porch when I noticed that it looked like it was going to rain fairly early that day, and I had promised the Byron that I would take him out for a ride when I was done with mine. From the looks of the clouds though, I didn’t think that I would be able to do both, so I made the executive decision to blow off the ride that morning and ride a bit with the Lord B instead.

The Lomas Developmental Team (LDT, aka, Byron) in action.

The LDT insisted that I post the stats from our ride.

Needless to say I do no regret that decision in the least, even if the rain managed to hold off the entire morning anyway. Doesn’t matter. Something tells me I’ll have way more chances to ride my bike long distances than I will times when the lads are excited to go ride their bikes with me, and I didn’t want to chance missing those times. Plus I got some errands done, getting my sweet new Yakima roof mounted bike rack installed, as well as hitting the store to pick up some necessary supplies for our annual trip to Edisto Beach, SC for the 4th of July.

This threw my schedule off a bit, since I pin the remaining rides for the week on my long ride day, so I’ll have to do some scrambling this week thanks to this unplanned rest day and a busy work schedule next week prior to leaving for vacation. I put in my 28 miles today, and felt great, as well as getting another 3.5 miles with the LDS, but those miles are unofficial. To make up for my skipping yesterday, I set myself the rather modest goal of finishing the 28 miles in under 2 hours, and I comfortably met that pace with some time to spare.

I’m not sure now how the rest of the week will play out, but I”ll likely only be able to get in 4 rides this week, but I’m fine with that. It was worth it and I’d do it again without even thinking twice.



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