A week-long fail (but that’s ok).

I’ve not had the best week of training. In fact, I have only been on the bike twice this week (Sunday for my long ride and Tuesday for an intervals ride) due to a combination of a whole lotta rain here in sunny Central Florida, a busy week at work with team members from out of state in town and my PM being out of town, and our upcoming vacation next week. Rather than fret and worry about it though along with everything else though, I’m declaring this week officially DOA and hitting the reset button for next week. Our destination next week, Edisto Beach, SC, has ample areas to bike, so I’m going to pick things up on Sunday as if this week never happened.

On the bright side, this week as provided ample opportunity to chill out on the porch with some tunes and the sound of the rain falling on the roof. Here’s an impromptu list of the best songs/albums to spin whilst the rain falls and you contemplate your place in the universe, in no particular order:

Dusty in Memphis – Dusty Springfield

One my favorite female vocalists ever. So smooth and so mesmerizing.

Radiohead – Let Down

Really, just about any Radiohead song will fit the bill here, but Let Down especially so. Not much of a video here since I’ve yet to hear a live version that captures the heights that they reach from 3:40 to 4:20 (aka, the Pinnacle of Modern Music).

Four Tet – There is Love in You

Drop needle (or hit play if you must) and commence the chill.

The National – High Violet

Surprise, I’m pimping out The National again. (in fact, I think I’ve even posted this video before) Don’t care, if the world was a rational place they would be one  the biggest bands in the world, instead of just one of the best. Rain plays a big part lyrically on this album, but in this song especially.

Bat For Lashes – Two Suns

THIS is how you do pop music. No autotune, no spectacle to distract you from the fact that the person on stage is pretty much a talentless hack. Gorgeous.

Enjoy the rain everybody.



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