Vacation rides

Slowly getting back on track with my training rides after yesterday’s semi-forced reset. Even though I’m on vacation and not working it’s still hard to fit in rides between the platefuls of good southern food (ribs, fried grouper, grits and fresh tomatoes), time on the beach, and the occasional adult beverage. (Note to self, margaritas are good for many things, but NOT conducive to getting up early and riding.) Sunday’s ride of 18 miles was just flat out hard, as it came the day after spending 8 hours with my 6’4″ frame squeezed into a car for the trip up, as well as four days of not riding. I felt stiff and dead legged the entire time, and wasn’t sure how far I was going to ride, so I didn’t plan anything when I set out other than to ride as far as I could while feeling less than optimal. That will probably end up being a longer than usual 50% ride for the week, but it was good just to get back out and into the swing of things.

Monday I knocked out my long ride for the week, putting in a mile over my planned 28 miles for the day. It was hot and humid but felt good and helped me to loosen up fairly quickly (along with a generous slathering of Icy Hot. FYI to inventors, if you guys can get to work on SPF 50 Icy Hot, this will help those of us who are sore and needing protection from the sun to maintain their beautiful alabaster skin. Thanks.) After a rest day on Tuesday, I went out this morning for my intervals, which were pretty brutal thanks to the strong wind blowing, but I managed to complete my allotted 4 sets with 40 minutes total. With these mileages in the books, my week looks like this:

Sunday: 18 miles (50% ride, plus a couple)

Monday: 29 miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: intervals (40 minutes, about 9 miles)

Thursday: 22 miles (80% ride)

Friday: 10 miles (recovery ride)

Saturday is another long ride back, so hopefully I’ll be able to get through this car trip unscathed. My plan for the week was right around 85 miles, so at this pace I’ll come in a few miles over that goal.

Before I go (the brother in law is making mojitos!), here’s the second in my series of “gear that I use” posts. The first one of these caused some controversy at our beach house with the AARP crowd since it contained language that (completely unbeknownst to me) some found offensive. I’m still at a bit of a loss to explain how a benign mention of Chamois Butt’r and it’s wondrous uses could be found offensive, but I’m not really in a position to offend any of my 7 readers. So, I pledge in the future to use the term “who-ha”  or “caboose” instead of butt if necessary. In the meantime, be warned that this blog is a free-flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects. Like skin moisturizers. Oh, the humanity.

(My usual disclaimer: Nobody is paying me or otherwise compensating me for this opinion. I like to write about and promote products that I use and enjoy.) Today’s featured gear is hopefully less controversial, my new Yakima roof rack with the Copperhead bike mount. I’ve only used this one time for the trip up here to Edisto, but I absolutely love this rack. It was easy to install and came with very clear instructions, and performed like a champ the entire drive up from Florida. My bike was locked in tight the entire trip, and installed securely in just a couple of minutes. If you are in the market for a roof rack system, I’d highly reccomend taking a look at this one. A couple of photos to give you an idea of the setup.

Locked and ready to rock

Close up of the forks locked into the mount

View from the other side, with the back tire strapped down.

Ok, that’s enough exertion for today. The mojitos are waiting.



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