Decision time

Well, the verdict is in from the bike shop, and it’s not pretty, though about what I expected to hear: repairs on the old bike will run $350+. I’m not sure that’s a smart investment on a decade old bike, especially after my conversation with a couple of guys at the shop, who both gave me the “you must be insane” look when I asked about the likelihood of completing 150 miles on my hybrid. So, it looks like a new bike is in my future. The early leader in the clubhouse is this Specialized:

Specialized Allez Sport Compact

Here’s the specs.

Orange Cycle has this one for around $900, which actually is a good price the for the bike I’d be getting, though it’s still a lot of money to outlay in my mind. Then again, when you consider my dream bike is pushing $7000, this one is a freaking bargain. At least that is what I’m telling myself. Decisions, decisions. Regardless, I’ve got a couple of days while I’ll let the old body recuperate from last week’s tumble, but I’d still like to have a decision made by the end of the week, as I don’t want to risk missing more than a week or so on the bike. Wish me luck.



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  1. Back when my dad was a serious rider (regular 100 mile rides) he used two bikes, a Specialized and a Trek. The Specialized only had two rear gear rings (notice my lack of technical knowledge of the actual name of those things) and he used it for his flat rides here in FL. The Trek had an extra gear ring and he used it when riding just about anywhere else (like the Bike Ride Across Georgia). My guess is you can’t go wrong with the Specialized as long as it fits your body.

    • Thanks for the input William. I’m narrowing in on the Specialized since at the lower price ranges for road bikes, they seem to give you more bike for the money. The Treks that I like are almost double what I was looking at paying. The other possibility is a Cannondale, but the comparable Specialized seems to have better components. And its amazing how light it is even though it is mostly aluminum and not carbon, almost half of the weight of my current bike. Crazy.

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