Week round up, a wipeout, and a setback

First, a quick round up of last weeks rides. Since I was on vacation and stuck in a car on my normal, “long ride” day, my schedule was a little screwed up, but I got back into after  missing out a bit the week before due to work and weather and logged my scheduled miles plus a couple of extra.

Sunday: 18 miles (50% ride, plus a couple)

Monday: 29 miles

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: intervals (40 minutes, about 9 miles)

Thursday: 22 miles (80% ride)

Friday: 12 miles (recovery ride, then a wipeout)

That’s 90 miles total, a few over my planned 85 for the week.

The real story of last week, however, occurred at the end of my last ride on Friday. I came up on a patch of gravel that lead into the driveway of the house that were staying in, a section that I navigated multiple times before without incident. Only this time I cut the turn too sharply and too fast, and the bike slid out from under me to the left, dumping my on my arm, shoulder and hip in an instant onto the ground, and doing some rather considerable damage to the bike, ripping the chain off, and damaging/bending the chain housing in 2 or 3 different places. If this costs as much to repair as I suspect, I’m going to need to apply my PMP skills and consider a make (or in this case, repair)/buy decision. I find this all very ironic, by the way, since my last post had to do with bike safety.

This may not be much of a decision anyway, since my current bike is over a decade old and I was coming to the conclusion that I wanted to switch to a road bike while I was pedaling away into the sea breeze headwinds at the beach, but it’s still a lot of money to spend if I have a viable and affordable repair option. Going to hit this bike shop later today and get an estimate, and will scout out some road bikes while I’m there (you know, just in case). Or maybe I’ll be all winner winner chicken dinner in the Road ID July Giveaway and walk away with one of these bad boys:

The Trek Mandone 6.7. This is nicer than both of my cars and is about $6000 out of my price range.

So that means no bike for a while either way, which isn’t that bad since I’ll likely need a couple of days off to recover physically. No serious damage done, just sore and feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, as well as a couple of nasty looking scrapes. I’ll live though.

Anybody have any road bike recs in the $1000 and under price range?



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