New bike!

After a couple of days of thinking and taking in as much information as possible (thanks to those of you who passed along your opinions), I pulled the trigger on a new bike today, ordering the Specialized Secteur.

My new weapon of choice

This is a slightly different version of the other Specialized I was looking at earlier, but one in the end I think will suit my needs a bit better. (Plus, it’s black and charcoal, which is kind of sleek and awesome for a bike) It’s got a slightly more upright geometry and  different handlebar positions which should reduce strain on my back over long distances but still give me the option to take some more aggressive riding postures when the wind picks up or if I need a little extra burst of speed. Unfortunately, the shop didn’t have my giant frame size in stock, so I have to wait a week or so for my special order. I’m very excited with my choice though and looking forward to getting back out as soon as possible. The rest of me is healing and I should be ready to go by the time the new bike is here.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say well done to the USA WNT. Just one more win for the gold, ladies!



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