Spotify is pretty awesome

My new bike hasn’t come in yet and I’m seriously starting to get antsy. In the meantime…

Have you heard of Spotify yet? If not, and you have the slightest interest in music, you should definitely check it out. It’s a free music streaming service that has been blowing up over in Europe for a while, but it has finally made its way over here to the US, and, I must say, it totally completely lives up to the hype. I’ve only been using the service for a couple of days in freebie mode, but I am seriously considering upgrading to one of the premium options. The interface is simple and couldn’t be easier to use (best feature, share a playlist with one click to facebook or twitter), the sound quality is excellent, and premium users have both offline and mobile streaming options. What sold me, however, is the extensive music library: I’ve been throwing fastballs at it for two days straight and have only come across one or two songs that didn’t show up in the database, and I’m pretty sure one of them has never had a digital release. Well played, Spotify.

Hello Spotify. Nice to have you finally.

I’m still learning and playing around with the features, but I really couldn’t be more impressed. For now the service is by invitation only in the US, so jump on an invite if you have the chance (you can submit your e-mail for consideration at their website, be invited by a current premium user, or sign up for a premium account and get immediate access). If I were working for i-tunes or Amazon mp3 I’d be a bit worried right now, as Spotify makes them both pretty much irrelevant.

I’ve already ripped off a couple of playlists, JLo in the House and Music for a random Tuesday. Look me up at jlo3133 once you get inside the magic Spotify universe and we’ll share some tunes.



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