Shiny new bike and a football match

Just finished up a pretty good weekend if I do say so, highlighted by picking up this from the good people at Orange Cycle:

Specialized Secteur - It's black and silver and oh so shiny

I’ve taken this bike out twice so far and all I can say is that I love it. After riding the same old Hybrid for 10 years, you forget how much bikes have changes in that time period. I can’t believe, for example, how much lighter is than my old Trek. Easily half the weight. There’s some things that I still need to get used to, such as the different body position and brake/gear shift placements, so I’m taking this week to do a series of shorter, 8-10 mile familiarization rides and will finish my fitting at the shop this week before heading back out on longer rides and picking up my training plan again.

On the way home from the bike shop, I saw a sign that I’ve ridden by 100 times but have never really noticed. Suddenly, many things became clear to me about the nature of marriage:

That's where you ladies learn it all. I bet they do 2 for 1 sales!

After spending most of my Saturday afternoon fiddling with my bike and installing my old pedals on it, my friend Rob and I met up at Redlight Redlight (still the best beer pub in Orlando) for a couple of pints and then to head out to the Orlando City friendly match against Newcastle from the English Premier League. While at Redlight, I had one of the best beers I’ve ever tasted, a Belgian sour called (though I couldn’t pronounce it if you paid me) Mestreechs Aajt.

The Belgian beer section of the Redlight board.

All kinds of wonderful that beer was. So good in fact that it was tempting to skip the game just to have one or two more of them, but free luxury box seats are hard to turn down for any event, so off we went. We ended up having a pretty good time at the match despite the fact that it was 10004 degrees outside with humidity of that only a physicist could accurately calculate, due to the fact that our seats had fans ceiling fans directly above us, and we had the option of walking inside the suite to cool off in the A/C. I felt sorry for some of the Newcastle fans that traveled from the UK because, not only did they come all that way to see their team lose (Orlando City 1-0), but most of them looked as is they were 5 minutes from a collective heatstroke.

Nice view, eh?

Anyway, the match was a lot of fun and I’ll definitely be heading back to see Orlando City play in the near future. One of the best parts about riding with Rob anywhere is you know you’re in for a dose of good time 80’s hair metal (or music inspired by such). For evidence, see my tweet from Saturday night:

For now I’ll be spending the rest of the week getting to know my new toy. If you know me you might know that I have a habit of naming things. The early front runner for the new bike is Emmylou (since the elegant silver reminds me of the rather famous silver hair of Emmylou Harris), but the jury is still out on that one.



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  1. Hey, that bike looks pretty nice! I want a bike someday. *pouts* Maybe that will be next year’s thing. 🙂

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