Long time, no blog

Ok, so it’s been a while since I wrote anything here. A combination of being busy at work and trying to talk my wife down from the ledge for the past couple of weeks while she turned 40 has conspired to keep me off WordPress. Plus, quite frankly, I just haven’t had much interesting to say and I’m not one to post something just to keep things current. Fear not, however – our long national nightmare is finally over, for I have returned with a collection of random reviews and thoughts.

Finally got to see Attack the Block a couple of weeks ago and it most definitely did not disappoint. It’s solid, fun summer movie fare, like an inspired combination of Alien meets The Goonies meets Shaun of the Dead meets The Wire. Clearly the UK riots hampered the marketing of the film over here, as, had I not know when it was being released in Orlando, I would have never known it was playing. And sadly it has already slipped the surly bonds of the Regal Waterford Lakes into the ether, so look for it on DVD in the near future. It will always have a special place in the my heart, if only because it gave me an excuse not to have to sit through Spy Kids IV (and thanks to Mrs Lo for taking the kids to that so I could see AtB)…

Also finally got to try Keke’s Breakfast Cafe last weekend and did enjoy it. People line up to eat at this place every weekend day so we wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. The food was very good (though I could have done without the potatoes that came with each egg dish), the portions were enormous, and, since we got there fairly early, we did not have much of  wait. When I say the portions were enormous, this is what I am talking about:

My son ordered a pancake, and was served a manhole cover instead.

A big and public thank you to my friend Carol for bring me back a proper Manchester City team scarf during her recent trip to the UK. I very much enjoyed wearing and doing the Poznan in my living room Sunday AM while watching City thrash Tottenham 5-1. In return for your good deed, I promise not to make fun of you too much when we thrash Chelsea later this season nor point out the fact in public that you once were a Liverpool fan. Oops. And in case anybody is wondering what the Poznan is and why my kids look at me like I’ve gone completely insane every time I do it at home when City score a goal (which is often so far this season), watch this:

A hearty welcome to my good friend, Mr. Shawn Tabor, aka the CRMhobbit, who has entered the blogsphere and will no doubt take it by storm. Please stop by his blog and say hello if you are into CRM, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and/or the sad state of Arsenal football…

Training for the MS 150 continues as much as my work schedule and the weather allows. Unfortunately I’ve been mainly confined to rides on the trainer for the past week or two, which makes me doubly glad that I purchased it, but is starting to get on my nerves a bit. I really do not like riding and going nowhere, though I’ve got a decent makeshift sound system set up on the porch that let’s me listen to some music while I ride in place, which makes things a bit better. It’s like a spin class, only with an infinitely better soundtrack and no annoying instructor that you want to punch after 3 minutes. I’m just plowing through until the end of September when my current work insanity should die down a bit and the weather will hopefully start cooperating a bit more (and cool off a bit as well). In the meantime, fundraising continues, so please click the DONATE link at the top right of this page to make a contribution if you have not done so already and please share my MS 150 link on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc if you get the chance to help spread the good word.



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  1. Haha, that pancake is ridiculous. I need one. Now.

    Oh, and you have plenty to talk about. You can start with all the engagement celebration festivities last Friday.

  2. Those pancakes were good too. If you order just pancakes you get 3 of those things. Not saying I couldn’t eat an entire order, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it.

    I took a couple of pictures Friday, but neither turned out well, so I skipped writing about it. I do have a pic of Rob’s Beer Club mug labeled “Peach Schnapps” though which is kind of awesome.

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