Goodbye to some great friends

R.E.M officially disbanded today. I’ve had more than one person ask me today if I was in mourning, which you might expect, but I am not. I choose instead today to celebrate their greatness, what they shared with the world, and what they gave to me. I’m currently in Augusta, GA and I seriously thought about making the drive over to Athens to raise a pint in their honor at the Globe, but instead I’m raising a glass of Athens other finest (Terrapin) to Athens original finest here from Augusta and will be spinning some of my favorite R.E.M tunes tonight. I’ve written enough about what R.E.M’s music meant to me, so there’s nothing new I can add today, except to say “thank you” to Peter, Mike, Michael, and of course Bill.

Some of the few thousands words I’ve written about R.E.M. in the past:

Collapse into Now

Meaningful Songs

Collapse into…Hey, that ain’t bad!




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  1. Thank GOD. I know you still like them but they have been on the suck train for some time now. It’s best they pick up their AARP cards and start hosting some new singing show.

    Man. That was harsh. Michael Stipe is just such a jerk, I can’t help it. I’ll be nicer next time.

    Oh, and who’s the SNL musical guest?

    • I’ll remember this when Kesha calls it quits in 30 years.

      Some hot new British group called The Radioheads. I understand that they are quite smashing. They are also doing an hour on Colbert next week as well and then touring in 2012. So the music gods giveth and taketh away.

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