MS 150 Training Phase 1

Back when I was originally setting out my plan for training for the MS 150 ride next April, I set out some training goals for myself and divided my schedule up into 3 phases, the first of which ended in September.  These are the goals that I identified for the first phase:

“Phase goals: increased fitness levels, develop a workable schedule, weight loss, develop a solid fund raising strategy, get an actual logo”

Now is as good a time as any to review my goals for the first phase and see how I did.

Increased fitness levels

This one is a bit subjective, but easy enough to measure I think. Back when I started I was riding around 20 to 25 miles max for “long” rides and would be noticeably tired at the end of those rides. Now I’d consider that length of a ride fairly average and can easily ride another 10 to 15 miles after finishing a 20 mile ride (on most days). This was the most basic of my goals and the one that I thought I would have the least amount of trouble accomplishing. I’m giving myself a check mark for this goal.

Develop a workable schedule

This is another goal that I thought would be pretty basic, and in some respects I accomplished this goal fairly easily, but the operative word here is “workable.” On the one hand I do have a schedule that in a perfect world I know works very well:

Saturday – Long day

Sunday – 50 or 80% of long day, linked to Wednesday

Monday – 10 miles

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 50 or 80% of long day, depends on Sunday ride

Thursday – rest day

Friday – 10 miles

On the other hand the world and life are rarely perfect and things like work and weather and travel (as well as the occasional crash) have conspired to keep me from meeting this schedule every week, but I have done my best to stick to it and have actually done pretty well in that respect. One thing that has been real help in keeping me on the bike regularly is purchasing my trainer:

The CycleOps

As much as I dislike riding inside, being able to hook my bike up to this when I’m running short on time (or daylight) or when the weather isn’t cooperating has kept allowed me to get miles in on days when I otherwise wouldn’t be able to and keep me fairly close to riding schedule I laid out. All things considered, this one is another check.

Weight loss

Finally, one that is quantifiable and easy enough to measure. Since I’ve started officially training, I’ve lost 14 pounds, which is slightly down from the 20 pounds that I was down a couple of months ago before some work travel got in the way. Quite frankly while any weight loss is ok, this is less weight that I want to lose during this time, but I not at all discouraged by this. I know I am in better shape than I was when I started and there is still plenty of time before the ride ti improve on this goal. Call this goal a work in progress.

Develop a solid fund raising strategy

Of all the goals I set initially, this was the one that I thought might be the most difficult, since I set a very optimistic and aggressive goal of $2500 (10 times the amount required to participate in the ride). I have, however, raised more than half the money needed to meet this total and am well on my way to surpassing it. Not to jinx myself, but call this one a check plus so far.

Get an actual logo

It is probably pretty evident just from looking at this header for this site that I have failed pretty miserably on this goal. Fortunately it is also the least important all of them. I’m just fairly amazed though at how difficult it is to come up with a decent one, so I’m still open to any suggestions in regards to this one.

The final scorecard reads three goals met or exceeded, one in progress and one miserable failure, but pretty good all things considered I think. I’m already well into phase 2 and looking forward to increasing my mileage over the next few months, especially my ride tomorrow morning, which will be one of the first times I’ve been outside and riding significant miles outside in a couple of weeks. And remember, of course, if you are interested in donating to the cause, you can click the Donate link at the top right of this page.



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  1. Nice job on the weight loss. Most women would KILL for 14lbs loss. And I bet you’re not even trying. *starts hating you*

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