Pints for Prostates ride

On Saturday I participated in a pretty awesome event, the Pints for Prostates Bike Tour, sponsored by the all around good folks at Mellow Mushroom here in Orlando and Terrapin Brewery. The event consisted of a roughly 13 mile ride from the E Colonial MM to the Winter Park MM location, via the Little Econ and Cady Way Trails. And afterward there was some pretty awesome beverages from Terrapin to be had (and maybe before and during), as well as a raffle with tons of giveaways.  Here’s a quick overview of the day’s events, complete with laughably bad photography.

I wanted to enter this event for multiple reasons: 1.) I usually ride by myself and wanted to get some experience riding with groups of varying speeds and experience to help prepare for the MS 150 next April. (And when I say varying, I hit the jackpot here – there we road bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, and tandem bikes. I think there was even a unicycle at one point, though that may not have been intentional.) 2.) It supports a really good cause. (Though I pointed out on a couple of occasions the irony of an event that promotes prostate health by having people sit on a bike seat for a couple of hours. Ouch.) 3.) It’s a really fun time, with lots of great people hanging out and having a great time. 4.) See below.

Have I mentioned before how good the Terrapin products are? Especially the So Fresh & So Green, Green and the Hopsecutionner pictured here.

Our day started with an 8:30 registration in anticipation of a 9:00 AM start. Then, a funny thing happened – a TON of people showed up to ride, which was pretty awesome to see. I’m going to use my intrepid crowd estimation skills and put the crowd at around 42,000, though I may be overestimating just a bit. (Apparently in my alternate universe life I am a pollster and official number adding person for Sarah Palin.) After everyone got registered we moved out as a group across Colonial Drive down to the Little Econ Trail, which we followed to the trail terminus at Forsyth, motored down across University to pick up the Cady Way trail, and then wound our way through the ever charming cobblestones of Winter Park (see early statement referencing irony of riding a bike to promote prostate health – cobblestones take that from straight irony to borderline torture). Now, had I been a little more with it or had a camera with me other than my cheapo iphone 3G camera, I would have captured several interesting photos of the event to post here. Instead, I have these, which includes the route overview.

Big crowd made for some slow going early on, but it was good practice to ride in the traffic.

The Winter Park Mellow Mushroom, our halfway point.

Just to prove that their were bikes involved. I told you these were bad pictures, didn't I?

After a brief stop for a snack, a So Fresh & So Green, Green, and a water refill, it was time to head back. Now I’ll admit that some folks made have stretched the definition of “brief,” but I wanted to get back on the bike fairly quickly and get a bit more out of the ride from a training standpoint than I would have if I had hung around on the porch much longer. I did make one important discovery: a beer after the first 12 miles will not be part of my fueling for the first day of the MS 150. Lesson learned.

I made the return trip back at a more reasonable 15-16 mph pace, and felt great by the time I reached the end of the Cady Way and one of my old friends, the very un-Florida hill where the trail ends at Alafaya. I’m proud to say that after a few months training I’m now able to power through that particular hill at the end of a much longer ride without much of an issue or need of inspirational assistance. Huzzah for physical conditioning.

After everyone made their way back to the E Colonial location, we settled in for some post ride Terrapins and the schwag giveaways. There was much cools stuff to be had, and don’t worry guys, I’m not bitter about not winning anything in the raffle. Especially the sweet touring bike that would have made Mrs. Lo the envy of all her students and hipsters everywhere. Instead I brooded in the corner and took bad pictures like this:

Post ride refreshment.

In all seriousness though I did have a great time and will definitely make this an annual mark on the calendar. Many thanks to everyone at involved at Terrapin and Mellow Mushroom for putting on a really fun event, but most especially Gordon and Joey and everyone who kept the So Fresh & So Green, Green flowing while it lasted (did I mention how good this fresh hopped wonder was this year? Seek it out if you can.)

It’s back to the regular training schedule this week, which will include tightening up of my calorie intake as well as a 30+ mile ride this weekend. More to follow on those fronts. Remember if you have the urge to support another great cause click the Donate link at the top right of this page to support the National MS Foundation and help me reach my fundraising goal for the MS 150.



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