Halloween 2011 in the AP

One of the reasons we love our neighborhood so much is the number of families with young children, which makes for some really fun Halloweens. You won’t find many darkened doors and just about everyone decorates their yards – and a few do more than that. Not much need for words here, just roll a baker’s dozen of photos:

*Editors note: We went for a Harry Potter theme this year, with Harry, Voldemort, Bellatrix and Dumbledore, only it’s hard to find a Dumbledore that fits a 6’4″ person who has the physique of a once athletic person gone, um, slightly to seed, so I ended up looking kind of like Zombie Moses stuffed into a sausage casing. I destroyed all subsequent photo evidence and abandoned my costume to avoid scaring the bejesus out of neighborhood kiddos.

Mrs. Lo's mummy stromboli.

Bellatrix, Harry, and Voldemort

Casting their spells.

Making sure the graveyard meets Voldemort's specifications.

Voldemort's on again off again girlfriend (he's 8? Lord help us) working the cat walk.

Rocking the eyeliner lightning scar.

Hillbilly Halloween, aka, any Monday night back home in Carolina.

She's with child!

One serious block party.

Voldemort at the block party.

Skeleton manning the open bar.

Wrapping things up for the night? Nah, ready for round II.

Happy Halloween all. Be safe and hope yours is as fun as ours here in the AP.



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  1. Omg, that hillbilly Halloween is hilarious! Love the pregnant chic with the beer! (And I really hope she’s dressed up)

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