Onward and upward, or, quit complaining and get it done.

I was scheduled to take my long ride for the week on Sunday and just did NOT feel like it when I woke up. The bed was extra comfortable (and for the record, we recently purchased a Westin Heavenly bed by Simmons and it does not engage in any kind of false advertising – it is indeed heavenly), the wind was gusting pretty heavily and it would have been extremely easy to roll back over and wake up at 10 (or as long as my kids would let me sleep.) I even put out a whiny tweet to that effect and got this in return from my friend Michelle:

Now, normally I’m not one to be easily moved by such taunts, but the tweeter in question had just completed her first marathon the day before, so there was no way I was going to take that and do nothing with it. (Big ups and congrats to both Michelle and Paula for completing the race, btw. Well done indeed, ladies.) So, with much grumbling and more than a few curses I got out of bed, got Butt’red and dressed, choked down a banana and a big glass of water and set off without much expectation of it being anything other than a torturous way to spend 2 hours.

I was, however, very wrong. It was a great ride. GREAT. (That’s the second time I’ve gone all ALL CAPS on you. Sorry.) After struggling through the first couple of miles I felt strong and relaxed on the bike, despite the wind, and settled into a steady, moderate pace for the rest of the ride. Finished off with a shade over 31 miles in the books and feeling like I had a lot more in the tank when I finished, save for a sore knee that required a little Icy Hot treatment later.  Here’s the ride stats:

So, just goes to show that sometimes all you need is a little kick in the tail to go out and have a great ride. From this point on in training there are no sub 30 miles long rides on my schedule. I’ll be adding 5 to 10% each week until I hit 80 miles sometime in early February. Onward and upward.

As always, donations in support of the cause are much appreciated and welcome. Knowing that so many people have already done so is both humbling and inspiring and I thank you all for your support and the confidence you are showing in me. You can contribute online by clicking the “Donate” link at the top right hand side of the page and read more about why I’m participating in the MS 150 here.


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  1. Glad I could provide some motivation and that you actually enjoyed the ride! Good luck with the mile increase. I know nothing about biking for distances like that – but I can tell you that the pain IS worth it. Especially if there’s a nice cold beer waiting for you when you’re done!

    • Ha, my completive side took over and beat out my lazy sleep in side. Sadly, it’s not tired legs or anything like it that limits the miles, but rather the um, thinking of a way to put this delicately, the “time in the seat” that takes some getting used to. My Christmas list is exclusively better bike shorts.

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