Pouring a 40 on the curb, a miletstone

I achieved a milestone this weekend, finishing my first 40 mile ride yesterday (Saturday). I’m not gonna lie to you, it feels pretty good to check that box, and since I had originally planned to attempt my first 4o mile ride at the end of the November, I’m doing it a few days early to boot. So excuse me while I pat myself on the back publicly. Here’s the ride stats:

Proof of 40, yeah baby.

I came out of this ride feeling pretty good overall, just a bit of sorness that was nothing a little Tylenol and Icy Hot couldn’t cure. I knew the big test would come today when I went out for my recovery ride, and I knocked out an easy 20 miles this morning in fairly short order, no worse for the wear after the 40 miler. Quite honestly my biggest worry for the MS 150 isn’t the 100 mile first day, but getting up the second day and riding another 50 miles, which is why I’ve been scheduling a ride of at least 50% of my long ride for the week on the next day, and so far so good. We’ll see how that holds up as the miles continue to pile up.

I’ve been experimenting with different fuel types during these longer rides, and seem to have settled into a pretty good combination that is working so far: 1 cup of Grapenuts mixed with 1 cup of Greek yogurt, a banana, and some water pre-ride, water and Gu Brew for hydration during the ride, and a dark chocolate Zone bar at the 20 mile mark (and at least every 20 miles thereafter). Still to be seen how that holds up as I move out towards 50 miles next month, but I’ve settled into a pattern that’s been working for me so far.

The only physical problem I’m having so far is with my old arch enemy, the sun, aided and abetted by the wind. Combined those two are turning my super pale Anglo lips into a chapped, blistered wasteland. I told Mrs. Lo this weekend that I’m considering wearing a “I’m not diseased, I swear my lips are just chapped!” sign around whereever I go just to reassure people. I know I’m my own worse enemy in some respects, since I lick my lips approximately every 2.7 seconds while riding, ensuring that Mr. Sun and Senor Wind can wreak their havoc with ease. Oh well, on the scale of issues to have this one is pretty minor, but I need to find a super strength lip balm or some other miracle product to apply to keep this from getting worse (preferably one that tastes terrible to break me of this lip licking habit). Any suggestions on that front are welcome from you running/cycling/outdoor types.

Anyway, not going to let that small setback get me down. First 40 mile ride in the books! First 60 mile weekend completed! Now, I just need to do that 2.5 X over and I’ll have finished the 150. (Gulp.)



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  1. Congrats!

    Claire gets horrible chapped lips on a frequent basis, and this stuff called HL30 (or something like that–I don’t have it handy) has worked miracles. Aquaphor is also good.

    • Many thanks! I’ll check out the HL-30 (SPF 30 and a lot of good reviews online, looks promising). I thought about Aquaphor but then thought straight Vaseline like another person suggested, if only b/c the taste might cure me of my lick lipping habit. Nothing quite like tasting petroleum for 3 or 4 hours to break you of a bad habit.

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