A hectic Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holidays is a hectic time for everyone, but doubly so for us it seems since the boys have birthdays that fall within 4 days of each at the end of November/beginning of December (speaking of, Happy Birthday tomorrow – the 29th – to B2!). We don’t partake in the Black Friday insanity, I hate crowds to begin with and prefer to just watch the highlights of mayhem, pepper spraying, and maiming on TV later that evening. (FYI, there’s this thing now called online shopping. If you were camped out a Best Buy for four days to buy a TV you should really look into it. And re-examine your life and priorities.)  It also doesn’t leave much time to write, so here’s a pictorial summary of a busy few days.

Wednesday night, helping mom make the very gingery and most excellent pumpkin pie.

Ready for bed and looking forward to tomorrow's feast.

Thursday morning, spinning some Coltrane while the Turkey finishes brining.

The pie is out and cooling while the bird is in the oven.

Posing in the doorway while waiting for dinner.

B2 playing trains, with my trainer in the background. Did 2 hours on it Thursday AM to try and limit the caloric damage I was about to inflict upon myself.

That's a beautiful plate. Clockwise, the sausage stuffing, fresh green beans, garlic mash, turkey brined in maple and ctirus with an herbed butter rub, and, the only store-bought thing on the plate, the cranberry sauce (still in can shape, the way the maker intended).

Friday morning, time to make a batch of cookies before heading out to Disney for the afternoon. Mmmmm, ginerbread.

B2 takes a turn.

Time to decorate the tree.

Will this branch hold this ornament? Let's find out.

As per our tradition, we picked the most "Charlie Brown" of all the trees, this one is a serious leaner.

Later that afternoon we saw the "Nutty Nutcracker" at the Orlando Rep Theater. The lads definitely took a shine to it. Definitely recommended for a great family afternoon/night out.

That’s a wrap on a hectic but fun Thanksgiving. Now let the parade of birthdays begin.



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  1. Dude. The boys are getting big and tall. Dang. And look at you with a real tree and all.

    • I did not intentionally rhyme that but I will take job offers from Hallmark.

      • Every year when we buy our tree the guy selling it gives us the “are you sure you want that one?” routine, which usually ends with a “well, I’ll give it to you for X dollars off since you are good customers.” Translation: “I can’t believe you are paying money for this deformed freak of nature.”

        You are like DMC, can’t nothing hold back your rhymes.

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