Sonic whiplash

Quick, funny story. Or a story that may only be funny for me, but whatever, it’s my site so I’m telling it.

Several weeks ago I went to Park Ave CDs to dig around the vinyl stacks and finally picked up an LP copy of Flying Lotus’ epic Cosmogramma on vinyl, which is, as you kids say, my jam. I’ve had the record forever digitally but kept forgetting to look for it on the greatest audio format that ever has or will be created. I’m an old man, these things happen.

FlyLo in the house, finally. Or so I believed.

I got home, eagerly ripped off the plastic, dropped the needle on side one and sat back, ready to be blown away by the electric, cosmic goodness that was to come momentarily. Just so you know, this is what track one side one sounds like:

What I heard instead was some guitar strumming, emo-ish pop band, which may have been Elbow (but I don’t know that for a fact – just sounded like their singer). It wasn’t bad per say, just not what I paid for and certainly not the dance jazz funk trip I was expecting. After realizing after a few seconds that there was something amiss, I flipped the record over to check side B, as well as the second record and confirmed that there must have been some kind of error with the printing of this particular LP.

I took it back to the store the next day and they apologetically took it back with the promise of a replacement copy as soon as possible, but not before playing some of it in the store and sharing some chuckles with me at the irony of it all. Not only was this a misprint, but it was the biggest possible error in terms of genre that you could make. To me that is hysterical. You may be wondering why you have stuck with this story for so long.

Well, turns out that this wasn’t an isolated thing, and that several other misprints were out there. Apparently there was a problem with an entire print run that needed to be replaced, so it wasn’t until today that I got to swing by the store on the way home and pick up my replacement (which the good folks at PACDs kindly opened and played for me before I took it home. It’s all good.)

So there you have it, a cautionary tale for those of you who still buy your music in physical form, as well as a shout out to my favorite record store for some dogged customer service. Luckily my brain has pretty made pretty much a full recovery from that wicked case of sonic whiplash as well, so no harm done.



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