I can ride 55

This post is short and straight to the point: I knocked out a 55 mile ride this weekend, give or take a mile or two. I was planning on going out to West Orange Trail Saturday AM for my ride, but took one look at the weather (temp at 7 AM was 32F with wind chills around 24F) and went back to bed. I’m dedicated and all, but I don’t do sub freezing weather. Instead, I waited for it to warm up a bit, and then put in 4 hours on the trainer. I don’t have exact mileage, but I know from my pace that my final tally was right around the 55 mile mark, so milestone checked. And I didn’t have to suffer frost bite to do it. That’s a win-win in my book.

Now for some quick random observations.

Unlike the rest of the US (apparently) I bypassed the live Grammys telecast and watched Walking Dead (live) and Donwton Abbey (DVR) Sunday night. Walking Dead had its “mid-season premiere,” and had a very high bar to meet after the Shane-induced carnage from last episode. Overall it was pretty good start to the new mini-season, picking up right where it left off, bogging down in the middle a bit, but finishing with a really fantastic, tense scene where the two strangers try to draw down on Rick and end up dead on the floor. I’d rank that final scene up there with the best two or three scene the show has done since the pilot. And huge bonus to the all around awesome Darryl for calling Lori “Olive Oyl,” which made me laugh for about 18 minutes straight.

Downton Abbey was one of the most insanely ridiculous yet thoroughly entertaining 2 hours of television that I’ve ever watched. *Moderate Spoiler alert* The show featured virtually ever significant life event possible, including the end of a war, a flu epidemic, death, near death, a possible murder, a near elopement, infidelity, business deals gone bad, a wedding, a planned wedding that never was, multiple engagements, a funeral, and, best of all of course, the Dowager Countess firing off snappy one liners left and right (best of all “Don’t be defeatist dear, it’s so middle class.”) I’m tired just writing all that.

I did watch some clips of the Grammys, and have two comments. 1) The shows producers obviously don’t have a sense of humor since they missed out on the chance to force Tony Bennett to say “Skrillex,” which would have been comedy gold. 2) For everybody who was rightfully outraged that Chris Brown was given such a prominent spot on the telecast, just Google “Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker” sometime. Not to pick on a guy when he’s down (Campbell was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) but let’s not be hypocrites, shall we?” I say that as someone who counts two Glen Campbell songs among my favorites (Wichita Lineman and Rhinestone Cowboy) but fair is fair. Just an awesome song though.

Lastly, when I got off the bike Saturday, my family came home lugging this guy home for my Valentine’s Day gift. I’m fairly sure he is as tall as both of my sons.

That's one big bear.



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