Garage sale tales of darkness and light (and some weekend eats)

It was a busy weekend, with some rides, some good eats, a stellar but utterly bizarre (as usual) garage sale, and a massive bout of laziness. A quick summary:

Friday night Mrs. Lo and I went to Bayridge Sushi with Brandon (our other son spent this night with his grandmother and left us with the relative peace of just one child) for dinner. They went for the teppan grill while I opted for the raw fish, and Bayridge’s suhi is probably as good as can be found on this side of Orlando.

The Mad Max roll. Good stuff indeed.

The excellent Sashimi Deluxe. Don't need nothing but the raw fish.

While I munched on my fish tartar, the chef came to prepare everyone else’s meal and parked his cart next to me. I was face to face with this giant container of  garlic butter for half an hour, and, in a triumph of the human will, I did not bury my face in the container and lick it clean.

Mmmm, garlic butter.

After a good meal Friday night and a little quality time with our youngest son, we woke at the crack of dawn for our community yard sale on Saturday. We are donating the proceeds from our sale to the National MS Society, so we wanted to get out early and make sure we were ready for the yard sale pros who scour the neighborhood for at least an hour before the scheduled 8:00 AM start time. Sure enough, I had no sooner set up the tables and dropped our first box on it around 7:00 when two cars pulled up in front of our house. These early birds tend to be flea market merchants, and they are apparently engaged cutthroat competition with each other for first pick of the goods. We had a large box of DVDs with about 30 movies in there. Nothing special, just a few kids movies and a handful of other flicks.

As soon as these two early risers, one woman, one man, saw this box, however, they both sprinted towards table. The woman yells “I want all of them!” and half dove on the box to cut the man off before he would get a word in edgewise. He looked livid and I thought for a second that he was going to take a swing at her, but he just huffed and puffed for a minute and thought the better of it. He asked me if I had any more to sell and I thought briefly about declaring a bidding war over the box that was out, but I just told him no and he was quickly on his way.

The truly insane thing about the DVD sale to me was that they were both prepared to buy these sight unseen, and could really care less what was in the box. Apparently used DVDs are the flea market gold standard. The depths of human depravity that are revealed over the twice a year chance to buy other people’s used junk never fails to me amaze me. In addition to the DVD showdown, we witnessed several near car wrecks as people jockeyed for position on the crowded streets, as well as more than one person who ignored our ample signage and verbal confirmations that we were donating all of the proceeds to a very worthy charity, and tried to negotiate a “deal” over  items that were priced less than a dollar. Seriously? 25 cents is too much to ask? I’d rather you just straight up try and steal it rather than try to talk me down to a dime. (Both of these folks were apparently fairly well off as well, one was driving a new Mercedes and the other had a watch on that would have paid my mortgage for a significant chunk of the year.)

Our yard sale after a few ours our fierce, hand to hand combat.

In the midst of this darkness and insanity, there was some light. A gentlemen picked up a small toy out of our 25 cent box, handed me a $20, and told me to keep the change as a donation for the MS ride. You rock, good sir. Best of karma to you. And by the end of the day, we had cleared just a few pennies under $350 dollars our troubles, meaning that my total amount raised has crossed the $2000 mark and is now in shouting distance of my final goal of $2500.

After the sale on Saturday I put in a couple of hours on the trainer, logging about 30 miles or so. I had every intention of doing the same today, but woke up Sunday morning with a massive case of acute laziness, exacerbated (“What do you mean?” – bonus points if you get that reference) by a sinus headache. I fought it all day, and ending up spending most of the day in a semi-conscious state in bed, but I did manage to get up and ride slowly for about an hour and a half before dinner. 20 miles are better than nothing I guess.

As a reward, Mrs. Lo prepared a most excellent Sunday meal, chicken tangine with dates, olives and couscous, and a nice, light grapefruit cake for dessert. The tangine had an amazing cinnamon and citrus aroma and made the house smell so good, even with my allergy ravaged sinuses.  She was most excited to rate a pic and mention of the blog.

This smelled as good as it tasted, and it tasted awesome.

A closing reminder to you that there’s still time to contribute towards my $2500 goal for the National MS Society before the ride on April 21-22. Those of you in the Orlando/Central Florida area area can join us at our fundraiser on Monday, March 19 at Mellow Mushroom, while everyone can contribute online by clicking the Donate link at the top right of this page and following the instructions provided. Many thanks to all of you who have contributed or plan to do so in the near future. Your support and encouragement continues to mean a lot.



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