A night at the thee-ah-tah

Tuesday night we celebrated our boys birthday (6 months later) by going to see the Lion King at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center (where incidentally you can go see Eddie Veder play a solo set on ukelele in a few months. No, seriously.) The tickets were my mom’s present to the boys back in December and we have been looking forward to going ever since.

Showtime was an extremely late on a school night 8:00 PM, so we hit up Hawkers for dinner beforehand. Hawkers is a really interesting concept, serving up Asian street food tapas style, so you can get and are actually encouraged by the staff to order multiple small plates and share, which is a style of eating that I really enjoy. They will also customize some of their dishes if, like us, you have some picky eaters in tow, which is always welcome. We’ve been here a few times before and have always enjoyed everything that we ordered, but the green beans, crispy pork, and curried duck noodles were tops on my list this time out for sure. Roll the food porn.

Fried green beans. Hot, crispy and delicious.

Curried Duck noodles. A rich, spicy, bowl of joy.

Crispy pork with a hoisin dipping sauce. This got a Homer Simpson-esque drooling sound from both my wife and I. Top shelf.

Also enjoyed but not pictured, the curried mashed potatoes edamame (which were a free deal claimed off Facebook – bonus) and bahn mi sliders. All very good. Orlando, get thyselves down there next time you are around Mills Ave. or paying a visit to the Track Shack.

Fully satiated, we made the short trip down Colonial to the Bob Carr for the show. When we got out, the boys were of course enthralled by the imploded remains of the old O-rena directly across the parking lot and spent several minutes obsessing over them.

Now why would 8 and 9 year old boys find this interesting? The question is really, how could they not?

The next day I made the mistake of showing them the video of the implosion online. Since then they’ve made me replay it approximately 1260 times. Oops. Still really cool though.

We got there a little early so we had plenty of time to walk around and check thoroughly check out every bit of debris left, as well as the fountains outside, and of course, the souvenir stand inside. No pictures allowed during the show, but we all thought is was pretty excellent, a nice mix of the familiar from the animated movie nicely supplemented by the impressive stage show and puppetry. Plus the 9 year old kid who played Simba was pretty rocking, as was the actor who play Skar. I think there’s only a week or so of the show left, but if you get a chance to go it is definitely a fun time, especially for the young ones.

Can I get you a side of fries with that ham?

Waiting for the show to start, souvenir Simbas in hand.

This weekend we’re going a little more low-brow and seeing The Avengers, but it’s nice to get out for something resembling (however faintly) actual culture once and while. That’s sometimes hard to do here in the world of the Mouse, but worth the effort.



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