Happy birthday, OK Computer.

OK Computer is 15 years old today. That officially makes it the coolest teenager ever, as well as the best album of the 90s,



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  1. Parker Burden

    Hey, I saw a video not long ago on-line of a song Thom played in studio, by himself, and did each of the guitar and vocal harmony parts individually and then began building upon them by playing those back with a sequencer and adding more and more layers….but now I can’t remember which song or where I saw it…any idea what I’m talking about? It was mind-blowing.

  2. Parker Burden

    Never mind…finally found it via Google…it’s Give up the Ghost from the live “From the Basement”. If you haven’t seen this, you must check it out. And it’s just him and Johnny…not Thom by himself.

    • Yeah, they’ve done two of those In the Basement sessions, one for In Rainbows and one for the King of Limbs. Both are excellent. That’s the same arrangement they played live- Johnny samples Thom’s vocals as he sings to create the layered harmonies. Pretty cool stuff.

  3. Parker Burden

    I can’t help but think Thom is channeling his inner Neil Young on the vocals for that…they sound eerily similar in that one song.

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