Hurry up and wait, floor burns, and random rules

I’ve got a day off from work ahead of the holiday weekend and I am spending the afternoon trying to organize some random thoughts into a post, spinning some tunes, watching the absolute madness that is Premier League transfer day (think the baseball trading deadline, only 9,000,000 times more insane and with a lot more journalists breathlessly trying to one up each other and sometimes just making stuff up) after a productive but busy morning. I’m also stealing a bit from the AV Club and setting my ipod on random and including the songs that pop up along the way, no forwarding or skipping songs allowed.

Lurgee – Radiohead (a decent enough little tune from Pablo Honey)

This morning was all about hurry up and wait. I had a list of errands to run spread all around Orlando, which, if you have ever been here, you might know is not the easiest place in the world to get around. And a couple of my errands at least came with some hefty waits built in, which is always fun and the best way to spend your day off.

Gonna Take a Lie – The Connells (one of you 80’s Carolina kids)

First stop was the Honda dealer to get the car worked on, by way of Dunkin to get a hefty caffeine infusion. The wait was fairly painless and uneventful, but made worth it because of Family Feud (no, it did not involve Richard Dawson rising from the grave to return to host.) There was a TV on in the corner that I wasn’t watching, but it had the attention of the elderly woman sitting in the seat across from me. She quietly provided answers along with the contestants on the show, but at one point she blurted out, “floor burns,” a bit louder than she intended I think. This got me wondering what the question was so I turned down the music I was listening to and looked up at the TV. The answers I see on the board are “You need a partner” and “Sweating.” Turns out the question was “Name similarities between dancing and making love.” Well played, random elderly lady. Well played indeed. (FYI, her answer was not on the board.)

Passport to Detroit – Joe Strummer (raise a toast to St. Joe)

After the car was ready, I moved on to the errand that I was dreading most, dropping off our cable box and modem at the Comcast, which was conveniently located in the third level of hell. Wait, no, it’s actually on Vineland Road, but it may as well be located in the depths of a Dante work. Leave it to Comcast (our cable is included with our neighborhood HOA and the group is switching to another provider this week) to make my last interaction with them to be as annoying as possible. While standing in the painfully slow moving line, I saw this sign.

In case you can’t read that, it says “It’s a party. And slow is not invited.” That’s known as irony, kids. I did eventually make my way to the front of line, but not before having the woman behind me document every second of the wait by sighing CONSTANTLY and telling everyone around her how much of a hurry she was in and then sighing some more. Because, you know, being overly dramatic and annoying like that always makes things go faster and never results in things like waiters spitting in your food and stuff. Maybe it’s just me, but life’s way too short to go around being constantly miserable like that. If there’s some justice in the universe hopefully she’s still waiting in line.

Butch Cassidy – My Morning Jacket (been appreciating the MMJ more these days)

After finally getting out of there I turned back onto I-4 (always dee-lightful) and made my way out to College Park to pick up my bike from the fine folks at Orange Cycle, who were doing a yearly tuneup on it for me. On the way I got behind this guy, who unfortunately is not alone in our fair state.

Just a hunch, but I’m guessing that you go home every night to sighing woman in line at the Comcast office, don’t you? If not, you too should definitely dine together some time.

Jimmy Buffett – God’s Own Drunk (Jimmy Buffett pre-1977 is criminally underrated)

It’s been more at least a couple of weeks since I’ve been able to get out on my bike for any length of time, so I’m looking forward to getting back out on it this weekend a couple of times and to get back into more regular riding schedule. When I do get out I’ll have a new gadget to keep me company, a Garmin Edge 500.

I’m charging and configuring this bad boy even as I type this. Huzzah.

I finally tired of using the GPS app on my iphone and having to constantly worry about having enough battery life to get through longer rides, so I put the fab gift certificate I earned from the MS 150 this year towards this bad boy. This model comes with access to Garmin Connect and has a lot of options for tracking stats and output, so I’ll be able to track my riding with more accuracy than I was able to before. I love numbers and stats as long as somebody else is doing the hard maths for me.

O, Valencia! – The Decemberists (great, great tune, and a good way to end)

Time now to go pick up the lads at school. They really enjoy me picking them up and are not at all embarrassed when I pull up in front of their friends singing along with whatever is on the stereo at the top of my lungs. Not one bit. (Rubs fingers together, tosses head back and laughs maniacally.)



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  1. The Connells! And floor burns! You crack me up.

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